Saturday, March 9, 2013

HELLO KITTY BFF Party - Samsung Galaxy Launch

The lovely Hello Kitty cute setting at GSC Pavilion. Many people stop and stare,
I even met a friend here while taking this picture.Haha...such a small world to me
all the time, everywhere and every time I attend any events.

I'm all dressed-up as a Hello Kitty fan from HK Dress, HELLO KITTY handbag
and HK bracelet beside the HK tattoo done here for the HK event. It was real fun.

Thanks to dear Kelly who invited me as her bestie to this Hello Kitty event. We
pampered ourselves with HK manicure, her hair-styled  like a Hello Kitty fan and
enjoyed the overall activities as the real Hello Kitty fans. Haha...great memories!

An awe-inspiring HELLO KITTY fashion show with beautiful gowns, dresses,
night wears etc. So pink, so cute and so lovely that I told Rambo if it's on sale,
I surely have bought a few of it. Haha...this is definitely one of my favourite! 

The mouth-watering cupcakes and delectable HK cute candies, sweets that tempted me so much. I've tried a few
of them just for the fun of it. Feels like back to kids days, everything also wanted to try some like a little girl.

I met Kim, a FB friend from Johor and we took a picture for a memorable HK event.

Rambo loves watching movie so I stayed to watch the cartoon movie with him. Samsung also provides us
Coke drinks and Hello Kitty  Caramel Popcorn to enjoy. I love it the box I took 3 for my dear Charmers too.

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