Friday, March 1, 2013

The Sangha Giving Spirit

Picture courtesy from Kechara:

I just wana share one of my experience with all the Buddhists around the world on the robes offering occasion at the Thai Temple in Penang. I advised my friend Irene to offer a robe donation for the monk during one of our 'Jalan-Jalan cari makan' holiday there. In Japan, we pray to Amituofo, Guan Yin and Buddha all along the way from Mount Fuji to Tokyo and from Kyoto to Osaka. Haha...back to KL, I gave them an 'Amituofo' chanting player also for their daily prayer.

She prayed to 'Guan Yin' just like me but she knew nothing about Buddhism. Not everyone loves to read and what to say reading Buddhist Books, and not everyone can understand the meanings and contents of the Buddhist Books anyway. I shared with her the benefits of the offering and she did it together with her husband. 

The monks chanted a prayer for them and also for me+my hubby in two separate session. The next few months during our gathering, she told me her hubby bought her a Rolex Watch and I'm very happy for her. I believe what goes around comes around, although I always said never to expect any return when we are doing good. In this case, it's the giving to Sangha that we should give come purely sincere from our heart. 

And they actually asked Rambo to get one Rolex Watch for me when we pass by Rolex at Gardens Mall that day but I declined to accept the offer. Before my cultivation in Buddhism, I may have jumped to all the great gifts and greed for fine things in life. I still do but slowly, my greed for material things has lighten so much from more to less material things. 

I believe in the benefits of sharing of giving can bring more love and and care to the society. Even with family and friends, we love sharing and spreading Dharma teaching with them all the time. In fact, it's better to train the kids at the very early age of their growing up years so they can learn loving kindness and great attitudes through blissful Buddhism teachings. 

It definitely helps to enlighten their wisdom with positive living. I hope the Buddhists enjoy this sharing of Giving and can feel the positive vibes through you as well. "The greatest gain is to give to others, The greatest loss is to greedily receive without gratitude, An invulnerable armor is patience, The best weapon is wisdom." ~Buddha~ By The Gospel of Buddha (1894)

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