Saturday, March 16, 2013

Switzerland - Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis is a 3,238m high mountain in the Alps of Switzerland, famously known as the world's first having a revolving cable car. My friend once told me she missed this Mt. Titlis tour during her Europe trip as the weather condition was so bad at that time and she was so sad about it as she was looking forward to visit this beautiful place. They won't allow it and no permits at all so they need to tour to another place. 

Here at Mount Titlis, you can see many tourists from Hongkong, China and the local Swiss who came over for snow activities. Not many kids, mainly the adults. This whole place was fully covered by the thick snow from last night heavy snow and many of them fell down naturally due to the slippery snow. I walked really slow like a turtle as I don't wana feel any pain caused by accident that can happen anytime to anyone very easily.

The cable car system connects Engelberg to the summit of LKlein Titlis at 3,028m high through the three stages of Gerschnialp at 1,262m, Trubsee at 1,796 m and Stand at 2,428 m. It was a long queue but thank God it was quite a smooth queue going up there as I don't like to wait and waste my time like this. The cable car can only take about 4-6 people at one time and so we went up there  with our own group of friends. 

The breathtaking view I just wana share with everyone, it's purely beautiful. One of my Jiuzhaigou tour friend(he's a Chinese Swiss who lives in Switzerland but love travelling to China for holiday) once shared with me beside the captivating Jiuzhaigou that we loved and admired so much, Switzerland is another place I should visit for its natural beauty. And so here I am, I'm really here standing at the top of the world to witness the true beauty of it.

A few of the group members went missing when we reached at the final station. We quickly went inside a cafe for a hot coffee break as it was freezing cold out there. I asked them why they didn't follow us up here, they told me they couldn't stand the winter cold and stayed at Station 2. They couldn't bear the shivering cold any more especially when the wind blew straight to us. 

Such a struggle to reach up here for the Mt.Titlis experience. Immediately, I chose this cozy corner seat that overlook the Mt. Titlis view here. I ordered a really hot Mochachino, they served it with a complimentary choc for me and I enjoyed it so much. I always like the way the Swiss handling things just like this. I told them very clearly that I wanted it to be very hot to keep my body warm so they made it very hot for me and it really did helped a lot.

'Out of this world' view that I got to snap during my coffee break time. The last part of the cable car way leads up above the glacier station. The thick clouds that's covering the Alps mountain of Mt. Titlis, so thick due to the winter season and its actually -10dc in average weather. That's why some of them couldn't bear it anymore, I totally understand their feelings about this condition. Safety comes 1st above all the pleasure.

Even the 'Guai Lous' also wrapped themselves like the 'Zhung'(dumpling), don't say the Asians as it's really not a joke man. Don't play play here as the thin oxygen at high peak already dampen our hope to play with snow out here, what to say when the wind blew strong with occasionally snowing a bit, it's just too much to bear. It's really a chilly, snowy experience for all of us. 

I tried conserving my energy level by hiding at the cafe for an hour to keep myself rebalance my body, mind and soul back to healthy normal again. I'm that kinda person I know my own condition, I need to recharge my battery energy by taking some sweets/candies, coffee break or eat some sandwich, rice or noodles so I can play hard again. And since we're already here, I don't wana miss any chance having fun here.

After charging my battery with great energy level liao real confidently, together with Masria's persuasion to snap more photos for me using Zul's pro Nikon camera, I finally went out there and played cold snow with Rambo. Haha...she really got to catch nice pictures here for us and I loved it very much. Such a wonderful moment here with everyone, thanks dear!

Really no regrets, so far so good although the stimulating cold can be felt slowly, stinging inside us. Like I said, the cold weather can be very dangerous as not long after that Masria felt uneasy feeling inside her body. She wanted to puke, felt dizzy and I tried to hold her strong. The sun was there but it seems not strong enough for the unbearable cold here. of our favourite picture in Switzerland, we're feeling on top of the world! This photo was taken using my Panasonic Lumix digital camera only but I can see very clearly the far away view and the snowy white mountain. This picture always reminding me of the victory against the winter cold Alps in Switzerland. Very hard to forget I believe. 

It's time for us to leave and again, we need to go down the Mt. Titlis by cable car. The microphone was used for important announcements but I took it for a picture memory. In fact, we just wana have some fun while enjoying the cable car ride since it's gonna take us some time to reach down there.

The views from coming up here and going down the Mt. Titlis here were fantastic. All along the way, we all go Ooh, Aah as we're fascinated by the natural beauty of Mt. Titlis. It's huge and high yet we  get to see the true, real beauty of this place. And I guess we're all lucky enough that day as the weather has permitted us to reach up here to play and experience the snowy adventure in Switzerland. 

He's a sporting Swiss who puts on great songs for our group here dancing, singing and having a party at the cable car. We took turns to take picture for each other, we sang and danced along like the real party members. Haha...such a lovely memory, 'terpahat di hati untuk selama-lamanya' & super duper love Switzerland!

We had a blast but we really had enough of cold up here. We're not interested for the ski activities but we enjoyed watching the locals skiing along the high mountain. It's kinda fun here, no doubt about it. In my opinion, it's more suitable for adults here as it's slippery and they also provide those high skills slopes for the experienced ski lovers. The kids only got to play at low and small slope.

On my way back to my VIP coach, I saw the Carlsberg team was preparing to launch an event here. They're setting up the camp, the Carlsberg facilities here and I just took the chance for a perfect picture. As you can see the thick frozen ice was formed by the heavy snowfall from last night. 

The clean, green and serene beauty all along the way to Mt.Titlis, loving it! ;)