Thursday, March 21, 2013

My 37th Birthday Thoughts

Tang Yuan in chinese cultural significance existed since long time ago for many Chinese families in mainland China and overseas, usually eaten together with family. The round shape of the balls and the bowls where they are served, come to symbolise the family togetherness. My favourite is the one filled with peanuts filling in hot ginger tea. 

At twelve midnight, Rambo ushered me to this sweet preparation and I was so touched by his effort surprising me with Tang Yuan, cheese cake and beer. Haha, I'm really glad that he knows how to please me with this simple treats+an angpow this time as I usually banned all his 'Hou Yi'(good intention) buying me expensive presents. Just like last year 2012, he proposed a 40K diamond for me but I rejected it. 

Of course I'm happy if he buys me presents but nowadays, my desire for materials was kinda slow. Like my mom said, I have almost everything I don't need anything, anymore. And it's also through Buddhism cultivation, I've learned that life is so much happier when we lead a simple life. 

Obviously, we still need goals and hopes to live a better life but we can still lead a healthy, happy life with just simple things in life. For instance, meeting Valerie for lunch that day really brighten up my birthday at Dome, Gardens as the simple little pleasure meeting up seems to click so well really matters to me.  

"Tq for all the great birthday wishes, pictures and song to keep my 37th birthday more fulfilling. I'm very grateful and thankful to my beloved Guan Yin at home, early am I already thanked her for blessing me with good health.'Sik Dak(can eat), Jau Dak(can run), Fen Dak'(can sleep) already 'Je Tin Je Dei'(thank God thank earth), life is really that simple. Health will eventually brings all the wealth along with happiness." 

My FB status has clearly stated my utmost gratefulness to Guan Yin for blessing me good health, no pain but gain. Not forgetting to thank 'Amituofo' also for protecting me and giving me the happiness from within. I am satisfied with my life, every hour of living my days with my loved ones.

A few of my friends asked me how I'm gonna celebrate my birthday, I told them I'm gonna spend one night at Palace of the Golden Horses. Rambo took a day leave every year on my birthday so he can celebrate it with me from am-pm. Usually, he'll bring me dining and wining after my shopping spree for birthday present I chose for myself. 

This year we had Thai dinner at Rama V, Jalan U-thant. I've tried twice the food here, really 'Bo Ho Jiak' for me. Maybe I'm too fussy in food but with the price tag and limited choices here, it's really not my choice of Thai restaurant anymore. The ambience here was romantic with classy environment but in terms of food tastiness, really out for me. 

The yummylicious Tiramisu cake was freshly baked by Westin Hotel cost RM98++. My Uncle Lim loved it so much as it's still cold and fresh. They even asked me what type of cake was that. I'm glad they enjoyed the cake as my main purpose was to let them enjoy the hotel cake on my birthday. Seeing them happy, I'm more happier indeed. 

Happiness in Jacinta's diary means 'Yao Fook Tung Heong, Yao Nan Tung Dong'. The Chinese meaning that is so powerful and meaningful, only the Chinese would understand the Chinese proverbs that existed thousand years ago. In fact, the Chinese language, wordings, idioms and proverbs are so meaningful, it's good to learn it among us all. My family love dining Chinese food at Chinese Restaurant but for me, I only 'Chan Yit Lau'(tumpang heboh).

Lynette saw me coming last saturday she called, "Dai Yiyi, Happy Birthday. Amituofo!" I was so melt by her and replied, "Amituofo, Tq. So clever girl." She smiled and told me that they would celebrate my birthday later. Haha...I only managed to smile and felt very happy that this 6 years old girl really know how to 'Mai Ngo Sem'(melt my heart). 

She even helped to put candles on the cake and asked me if I prefer to put all the candles or just one candle would do? I told her I don't mind, she can put all the candles if she wants. Not only that, she even presented me the birthday presents her mom(my sis Defney) bought for me. She told me all this were specially bought for me from Japan. Haha...she's such a cute little angel that know how to please me.  

Nowadays, I need to be punctual for our dinner every Saturday as little Lynette would asked me, "Why so late today Dai Yiyi?" during one Saturday I attended the Bella Award show to support Datuk Ruby Khong, hugging her night blanket she waited for me at the front gate. And after talking with  me for 10 minutes, she fell asleep already. Even LeAnne one day told me, "This is the 1st time you come to Kids Agency to fetch us", as she wanted me to come more often.

Being a nanny to 3 of them that day was easy because they're very 'Guai'(obedient). I told them to cross the road together, all of them must hold my hands or waist and they did. And we had great time together chatting about school, music and laughing out loud. It's really the happiest moment of my life having to spend my time with them as we're the 4 happy BFF now. We can talk about anything, happy for each other beside supporting each other and we uplift each other in positive manners. They're the love of my life now!