Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Switzerland - Lucerne

Switzerland blown me away with its natural beauty of clean and serene environment. I love the food from the
classy buffet dinner at hotel restaurant to their buffet breakfast. They served generous fresh Salmon fish that got
me hooked for 2 days 'berturut-turut' and many type of local Swiss food I have never tried before. Rambo and I
loved Switzerland so much that we don't mind to come again and explore other places as well. 

Early in the morning after a great breakfast spread, we decided to enjoy the morning sun at this famous Lucerne Lake.
Such a lovely scenery here, full of beautiful swans swimming around the lake with nice Swiss calling "Good morning" 
to us when they saw me taking pictures here. Really love the overall ambience here. 

The sun has just risen and so they turned off  the lights immediately. I'm still enjoying the nice view here
before heading back to the hotel for our group tour. 

Every angle of this lake seem so calm and peaceful. Don't wana miss any chance for perfect pictures here.

Switzerland is a rich, independent country that can afford to have majestic buildings like this Swiss Post. Such a
pride that they can be proud of being a Swiss. 

Even the public telephone can be so advanced in its private, glass space beside clean and tidy everywhere I go. 

Although I'm not a morning person but I woke up early, naturally just to enjoy the magnificent beauty all around
the city. I enjoyed the long walk all around the city although it was cold, but I can still stand this cooling weather
compared to the shivering cold up at Mount Titlis.   

Love to stop and see the local souvenirs here. All were very nice and quality products.

The Lion Monument or the Lion of Lucerne is a sculpture in Lucerne to commemorates the Swiss Guards 
who were massacred in 1792. Mark Twain has praised the sculpture as the most mournful and 
moving piece of stone in the world. 

Another nice building that I must captured for memory...

Love the decors and settings of this souvenir centre located at the city. So must take photo.

One of the Swiss chocs brand that I like among the many types and brands from Switzerland. Nice packaging too.

The hotel where I was staying during my holiday in Switzerland(forgot the name liao). Good customer service, they speak good English and satisfied stay with clean, spacious room. Switzerland is kinda different from other EU countries in many ways, not only they used their own Swiss Franc dollar, they're courteous and professional  in their profession. They do things efficiently and seriously in their jobs. That's what I like about Switzerland.

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