Monday, March 18, 2013

New Zealand - Christchurch

Green, clean and serene environment in Christchurch, New Zealand. Beside the calm atmosphere here was the
ruin parts of the earthquake behind this building. I rather stay here for nice pictures than to see the sad movie.

Another stop to witness the ruins and damaged area of the Christchurch city earthquake that dampen the NZ
so much. A lady found some money, asked me if it's mine I advised her to donate it to the NZ Earthquake Fund.
She can keep it if she wanted too but she's kind enough to listen and do good deeds. I saw many areas were
quite affected by the earthquake as every area at one corner to another corner including the hotel we're supposed
to stay at Christchurch were damaged too. And during my stay at Ashburton due to the earthquake in
Christchurch, there's this 5.8 earthquake richter scale that hits my tour guide friend's house cost 2.5mils. He
was quite emotional after that call when he was sharing it with me.

My favourite breakfast cornflakes from NZ called Skippy. It's crunchy and delicious.I saw
Merino Cafe selling it at NZD4.50x2.60 now, expensive here.NZ food can be pricey
everywhere I go.I bought the best Pot Pie at NZD3.50 but to me, it's totally worth it
as it's really tasty, shared by the local Kiwi as I asked her what's best here and she
recommended me this. Many Malaysians tend to save for their lunches here based on
the currency exchange, used to be 1.30 only.I took the Fish and Chips, Soup yet I wana
try everything that's yummy from NZ so I walked around the city and asked the local people
what's nice here. And so far, no regrets on the NZD I spent here on food and drinks. 

I enjoyed the shopping spree here at the biggest mall in Christchurch. I bought many intimate wears that mostly
lovely, sophisticated, cute and extraordinary. I wish I could have more time here doing my shopping but you know
I love to dine and wine so I ended some time looking for good food here. I tried the Japanese Sushi+Ramen as not
many nice cafes here for me to choose at this mall.

This is a city tour where we reached to the peak of the city, full of big and beautiful houses along the hills. The
view here was fantastic as we can view the north, east, south, west of Christchurch city. We also passed by
an old church, green park, shops and school around this residential area.

The typical sign of Cappuccino here in so taste only for me and it's not cheap, that's why not many
order that.They just mingled around playing the toys and crafts available here. I guess the standard
of living /spending culture here was based on the tourists pricing and local executives salary. Haha...if it's in
NZD1-2, everyone can afford to enjoy it as well just like Australia.

I chose my seat here so I can watch the deers closely, just beside me here. I wish I was informed earlier so I
can bring them some food to eat while I'm enjoying my coffee here. Wish to spend more time with them.

The famous Maori show at their so-called nature camp.

The dancing+singing performance by the local Maoris. I find that the people here were not pro-active enough so I
don't have any good comment to say about them. Any reason been either you're tired, bored with too many shows
in a day, there's no reason for you being not pro in your job as you're promoting tourism for New Zealand country.


  1. wahhh the lady so nice... if it was me, confirm will spend it on food

    1. Haha...totally agreed.Glorious food!

    2. Good for her to do good deeds, eventually more good things would come!