Saturday, March 30, 2013

HADATUKO Japan Anti-Aging Series Review

Hadatuko Japan Anti-aging Series, available at SaSa Malaysia

Hadatuko believes that any effective anti-aging product should be formulated forabsorption deep into the epidermis to work from within to give the skin refreshed firmness, brightness and suppleness.

The breakthrough new product line of Hadatuko explores new frontiers of skincare with a brand new anti-aging range with substantial hydration.Every product is blended with five unique Japanese naturally-derived skincare ingredients, helps to delay skin aging and creates healthy skin with youthful glow.

5 Unique Naturally-derived Skincare Ingredients: 
1.  Callicarpa Japonica Fruit Extract
     A particular species native to Japan that prevents skin-damages by deeply  
     moisturizing the skin.  

2. Hydrolyzed Silk
    Water-soluble protein extracted from silk worm cocoons that retains skin moisture.

3. Alpinia Speciosa Leaf Extract
    Fills skin with moisture and maintains firmness and elasticity.

4. Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract 
    An oriental herb known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, has
     obvious whitening functions to prevent the activation of Tyrosinase and suppress      melanin formation.                                   
5. Mt.Fuji Water
    Pure, fresh soft water with Ph7.5 directly drawn from deep beneath Mt.Fuji. Deeply     
    moisturizing effect with precious minerals that tones the skin.

The Hadatuko Series
1. Cleansing Foam        

Cleansing Foam RM120

A gentle cleanser that includes Glycerin and Vitamin E as moisturizing ingredients in  addition to Hadatuko 5 unique naturally-derived ingredients. When it's mixed with  water it forms creamy, delicate lather that removes dirt and impurities, while comforting and retaining the skin's essential moisture, it also leaving the skin fresh and smooth. It guides to healthier complexion, full of translucency.

Soft, foamy cleanser that smells good and not drying my skin at all..

Directions to use:
Moisten the face, use water to foam the cleanser into a generous lather. Only a little bit of cleanser will do, softly massage onto face and neck. Follow with Enrich Lotion and use it in the morning and evening. 

2. Enrich Lotion

Enrich Lotion RM145

With 5 of Hadatuko unique ingredients, this skin conditioning, anti-aging care    immediately permeate into the skin. Infused with moisture, the skin become full of vibrant glow and suppleness. Gently and effectively prepares the skin to receive the ultimate skincare benefits of the following treatments. 

Directions to use:
After cleansing, soak a cotton pad and gently wipe over the face and neck. Use daily in the morning and evening. It smells so refreshingly good, all at once feeling great in using Hadatuko skincare. I like the packaging, old-fashioned bottle and big enough for long term use.Actually, I like all the packaging from lifting serum to eye cream too.

3. Lifting Essence     

Lifting Essence RM280

Time-resisting and multi-functional treatment, it combats comprehensively all signs of aging like sagging skin, dehydration and uneven skin tone. Results in spectacularly  moisturized and translucent skin.Apart from the 5 original core ingredients, Rosemary Extract and Sophora Root Extract have been infused to provide firmness and extra moisture to the skin. Leaving the skin softer, firmer and brighter with well-defined contours.  

The lovely Lifting Essence that absorbed deeply into my dehydrated skin just like water.

Directions to use:
Apply a suitable amount, as for me I only use a pump or two depending on my skin needs that day. Blend well into skin and smooth over the entire face. For optimum results, follow with Lifting Cream. It's advisable to use it daily morning and evening. 

4. Lifting Cream

Lifting Cream RM260

A luxurious, silky and high performance face cream that contains the unique formula of Rosemary Extract and Sophora Root Extract beside the basic 5 core ingredients, that gives firmness and moisture to the skin. Applied after the Lifting Essence, the cream profoundly combats skin aging in just one minute, the utmost in skin beautification as promised by the Hadatuko brand. 

Directions to use:
Apply a suitable amount, blend well into skin and smooth over the face and neck. For optimum results, apply after using Lifting Essence in the morning and evening. I love to use this in the evening as the lovely smell puts me into a relaxing mood.

5. Lifting Eye Cream  

Lifting Eye Cream RM200

This eye care treatment works comprehensively on eye contours with signs of aging with its 5 core ingredients blended with Rosemary Extract and Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed Extract that gives firmness and tones the skin. Its creamy texture effortlessly melts into the eye contour skin , quickly restoring a more youthful appearance. 

Directions to use:
Apply a small amount onto the fingertips and dab gently around the eye contours. Use it daily in the morning and evening. It does lift up my sagging eye bags...Haha. 

The result of clean, radiant, hydrated and firmer skin in a week's time.

My review:
This picture actually show the result of my skin after using Hadatuko Anti-aging series for about a week only with lifted contour on both of my cheeks. Before in Dec 2012, my face was kinda plumpy with deep wrinkles forming longer and deeper due to aging as I was only using whitening skincare in my primary concern skincare. The result is amazing, unbelievable as it really works for me. Haha...thank God!

Rachel from SaSa first gave me the 'Hadatuko Lifting Cream' for a review last year but I kept it for long as 'sayang' to use. But after trying it out for the 1st time, I fell in love immediately especially the sweet scent that stimulated my smell sense to perfection. I'm into aromatherapy a lot so I'm kinda obsessed with nice scent of the products I used everyday, from top hair to bottom toe.  

So, I quickly send her a message for a full set of Hadatuko products as I like to use a whole range of the same brand for best result. She send me the whole set the week before I set Hadatuko photo shooting at Palace of the Golden Horses. Really grateful to Rachel for the great Hadatuko products, not only I love the Hadatuko Series from Japan so much but I like the price range that's reasonable for daily usage. 

Hadatuko series not only cleanse my skin with nice scent to start with, but it also give me the confidence of believing that only by using this anti-aging series can actually keep my skin healthily glowing, hydrated enough with lifting effect too. It's like fulfilling one of my dreams this year, besides saving my time and money as before I need whitening(day) and anti-aging(night) products to keep my skin healthy. 

To get to know more about Hadatuko series, check it out at SaSa or their Facebook page at


  1. i am also guilty of the "Sayang " to use philosophy . Great review by the way.

    1. Thanks LinLin. Yea, I guess we're almost the same 'sayang' kinda women!

  2. Wow! Excellent review! I'm curious about these product. Will try to check this out.

    1. Thanks Madelene.Check it out, no regrets that's for sure!