Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Heineken Lager Beer was first brewed by Gerard Heineken in1873. The beer was 
made of purified water, malted barley, hops and yeast. It's Holland pride as well.

Posing for the perfect shot, one local guy parked his car infront of me and said, "Ni hao ma? Xie Xie ni, Wo ai ni"
Haha...I just smiled at him being friendly to me and recognized me as a Chinese tourist. I'm proud to be Chinese!

I met another friendly gal who invited me to ride her cute Vespa but I didn't. I just took a picture with her
and we chatted for awhile, talking about Holland. They all seem very friendly and nice, I felt welcomed!

I enjoy shopping in Amsterdam as the colours and designs all suited my style a lot. The quality, the brand
and any variety of fashion are complete in this famous shopping mall at the heart of city.

Trying out the 1.0 carat Diamond ring, sparkles like a big star on my finger. Haha...but
I'm more into Gold Jewellery.They also sell many other brands like Bulgari, Omega etc.

The nice view from this Diamond Centre,the river flow steadfastly just behind this building.

The famous floating restaurant in Amsterdam, captured during the cruise escapade.

One of the lovely view along the cruise ride. We all enjoyed the ride, not boring like other cruise we had before
as they shared the history of  Holland to us, we got to catch many captivating views all around Amsterdam.

The shopping along the streets can be fun with cutie things on Holland. Not cheap their souvenirs in Euros...Haha!

Cheap or expensive, if I like it too much I bought it anyway.Haha...Rambo have
no eyes see but he's very happy when he sees me wearing it cutely at home.

Love this fast-food cafe that served yummy pie and finger food, fresh Coffee+signature Dutch milk and delicious
fruit juice. I hope I can store much more in my stomach and try out others as well but we're getting ready for our
Chinese dinner in Holland liao in an hour

For the 1st time ever, I enjoyed staying in this Ibis Hotel in Holland because the breakfast buffet started as early
as 4am. Not only they served really yummylicious, complete breakfast menu but they offered free flows of biscuits,
fruits and coffee for me to fulfil my morning appetite. Besides Switzerland, I would say Holland Breakfast is the
 best breakfast offering to boast about with their over-sized Chef serving us good food that early morning.
Haha...I was kinda greedy, hungry baby that eats like a pig that day.  


  1. oh yes i love IBIS in Europe...especially in France..their croissant magnificent!

    1. Yea, IBIS Hotel rocks in my food memory. To me, France croissant everywhere is yummy but can't be taking it in every meals!

  2. My saliva has been overflowing glossing through your travel posts.....wow..all these travels were conducted in the beginning of this year ?

    1. Haha...No Lin Lin, all my travels were throughout the last few years. I only travel every 3-4 months after my Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter projects!

    2. Oooo..ok. Hope to see more ~~