Monday, March 11, 2013

Hansgrohe Raindance Shower Bloggers Event

Thanks to dear Rane Chin, who invited me for this Hansgrohe Bloggers Event. I was glad I made it that Saturday.

Last year marks the 111th anniversary(Oct 2012) of Hansgrohe, one of the world’s leading companies in the sanitation industry. From its humble beginnings in 1901 in Schiltach in the Black Forest, it has blossomed into a world renowned brand, and is now a company whose products are used daily in more than 120 countries across the globe. “In these fast-moving times, it should not be taken for granted that a company will be able to grow and develop so successfully over such a long period of time,” stressed Siegfried Gänßlen, Chairman of the Management Board of Hansgrohe SE. “

The great goodies Hangrohe PR got ready for us, felt so welcomed all at once.

This could only be achieved thanks to Hansgrohe’s persistent old-fashioned ways of doing things, together with the company’s ability to reinvent itself whenever it was necessary.” A major asset is the creative spirit and passion for innovation, which the gifted inventor Hans Grohe possessed and passed on – and it is a legacy that is maintained and nurtured until this very day. It is a well-established fact that Hansgrohe SE has inspired trends which have shaped bathroom history and continually set new standards with inventions.

The sweet ambience inside the bathroom with Crabtree & Evelyn vanity set and the nice Hansgrohe towels.

As long ago as 1928, Hansgrohe invented the first porcelain handshower, a classic design which has been a source of inspiration. A few years later in 1934, the first automatic drain and overflow system, the Excenter was invented.  In 1953, the Unica Wall Bar was introduced; At 1,150 millimetres in length, it was an absolute novelty and was a bathroom sensation back then.

Another raindance shower that pampered me so much that hot afternoon.

In 1974, Tribel, an adjustable multi-spray hand shower with a rotating showerhead that comes with three different jet types, is the first Hansgrohe product to be developed as part of the collaboration with Esslinger Design (later called Frog Design),  and also helped Hansgrohe earn its first design award. In 1994, the world saw the first joystick mixer after Axor, Hansgrohe’s luxury brand collaborated with renowned designer Philippe Starck and produced the Axor Starck collection. The joystick mixer was an innovation back then and is now a classic.

My most intimate moment with the Raindance Select Shower Heaven Experience.

Hansgrohe’s innovations also include spray modes such as the RainAir technology and energy-saving technology such as the EcoSmart technology, as well as with its multi-award-winning design concepts. Hence from having the Raindance Hand showers with different jet types, it evolved into a new Raindance series known as the Raindance Select in 2011. 

Enjoy the shower so much that I'm trying to get more infos to upgrade my bathroom as well.  

What differentiates the Raindance Select from the Raindance is the ‘select’ button which you can easily press to choose your preferred jet type. Previously with the Raindance, one had to adjust the ring to change jet type, which was less convenient.

The inviting bathroom at Hansgrohe Showroom.

Axor has also worked with other top designers and created other collections such as Axor Citterio in 2003, Axor Massaud in 2005, Axor Citterio M in 2007, Axor Urquiola in 2009 and Axor Bouroullec in 2011. These Axor collections often begin with a design workshop called ‘Waterdream’ where these designers interpret their dream bathroom via intense brainstorming sessions. Their concepts then take about 3 years or so to firm up and manifest.

The many types of raindance shower you can choose and match, up to our preference. 

Designer Visions: 
Hansgrohe was already enjoying global success for its innovations and such but decided to bring bathroom design to a whole new level. Hence In 1993, the first Axor collection was born and their first collaboration was with Philippe Starck . To date, Axor already has 5 collections designed by Philippe Starck.

The showroom with all designs and raindance style to see before purchasing it.

Within the international Hansgrohe Group, Hansgrohe is the premium brand for bathroom and kitchen fixtures, showers and shower systems as well as thermostat and plumbing technology. 

One of the fascinating design that look like a waterfall flow, love it!

Winners of numerous awards throughout the world, the brand’s products stand for modern technologies, innovative design and a superlative level of functional quality.

The 'Hansgrohe Cupcakes' with the high alcoholic drink served to us for refreshments. 

Hansgrohe is regarded as one of the leading innovators in the international sanitation industry.
Innovations, from left to right: Unica Wall Bar Set in 1953, Selecta in 1968, 
Raindance Air in 2004, iBox universal in 2001.

It is a well-established fact that Hansgrohe SE has inspired trends which have shaped bathroom history and continually set new standards with inventions.

Innovations from left to right: Axor Starck Basin Mixer in 1993, RainAir 
technology, Raindance Rainmaker, Axor Massuad Basin Mixer. 

This explains the success of the brand as a market leader in the shower segment and as one of the leading manufacturers of fixtures. With inventions such as the shower bar, adjustable spray types, the QuickClean function, the AirPower or the EcoSmart technology, Hansgrohe is regarded as one of the leading innovators in the international sanitation industry.

To get to know more about Hansgrohe, check out their latest promotion with this voucher. When I got out from the bathroom, everyone have been asking me about my shower experience and I replied them, "Song, I wish to have longer bath in there. Haha...Incredible feeling!" 

And I'm so glad that I have the Raindance Select E120, given by Hansgrohe to us as I can enjoy the same great feelings back home sweet home. Thanks Hansgrohe for the wonderful 'Raindance Select Shower Heaven' experience, I love it to the max!


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