Monday, February 3, 2014

A Relationship To Save The Best For Last


This is definitely a couple who are well-known for being courageous and ambitious. However, both might want to dominate the other. The good news is the Dragon will compromise if the other does the same. The perseverance to work out the relationship might fade after the initial period. There has to be a lot of give and take to make this relationship work. However, their characteristic and nature makes this combination to have more potential for a long lasting friendship, love and marriage.

The union of a Dragon and Tiger will not be a dull and regular one, as both partners are active and open-minded. They would find each other’s company to be very exciting as long as their individual freedom is preserved. The Tiger has high respect for the Dragon but will never give in, and should the Dragon try, trouble will arise. Both have explosive tempers and do not like being dominated by the other partner. If they can respect each others need for personal freedom and can maintain a balance, they will have an adventurous marriage.

Keeping a separate group of friends and remembering to spend time apart will help. The matchmaking of this pair is recommended, both in business and romance. In a Dragon husband and Tiger wife relationship, the initial attraction takes place instantly. Due to their rash behavior, they tend to find conflict in the relationship, a type of disagreement which may fuel their relationship since both love sparring with a good opponent. In a Dragon wife(Jacinta) and Tiger(Rambo) husband relationship, they will find perfect harmony. (By Tsem Rinpoche)

After reading this article, I share it on Rambo's FB page so he would read about it. And for sure, at night during our dinner chatty moments, we tend to talk about it because it's related to our relationship and future life. When my family members talked and touched on the relationship topic esp.when they're fighting with their partners, somewhere somehow we tend to share our stories with them so that they would 'Sau Ha Lau Ching' to each other, learn to be more understanding with each other and trying hard to cultivate patience value in their lives. I mean as you can see both Rambo and I are also learning eagerly how to live in harmony with each other even after being together for the past 20 years and so they agreed with us finally. 

Arguing and fighting seem inevitable to happen at anytime and everywhere we go. In fact, I even told them just last month when we're loving, we can be so lovey-dovey with the kissing gesture that make them laugh hysterically that night after dinner, but when we fight OMG you may see a 'Chun Li' flying her kicks to Rambo like the famous video game we used to play in our teenage years. Haha...but that was long time ago before I embrace myself fully into Buddhism spiritual path of happiness. And I think it's better for both of us to fight it over with and spilled it all out rather than bottling it inside of us esp.both of us are very direct, straight forward and transparent kinda people. 

We don't like to act like nothing is wrong between us, then ended up divorcing each other. And it's nothing to be ashamed of when we share what we're going through in our lives because this is life. No one is perfect and it's not easy to live with another person who may not like your daily lifestyle in his/her life too. I remember my Boss in Zurich Co.(26 years old) used to share with me that morning during our meeting, he told me he had a bad morning fighting again with her wife over the same problem of not closing the toothpaste cap. He cannot stand her anymore after telling her so many times to recap it back but she forgot to do it sometime. Then I suggest to him to get his own toothpaste and never have to share his toothpaste with her, end of the story and he did it for his own good. 

A small fight like this would affect your emotional feelings and turned your life upside down when you failed to control your emotions. Not everyone can be strong in their 'EQ called Emotional Quotient' Psychology point of view or cultivating spiritual path of controlling our body, mind and soul. Just like me, I'm still not strong enough to 'Jie Tuo', let go my desire for the love to eat and that's why till today, I'm not a full vegan yet. I know it's good for health yet I have yet to be enlighten enough to accept the good things in life. And from what I see and through my close observation, many are having depression and mental stress due to own 'Luen Lam Ye', simply think to own's predictions without much consideration about others and sad about it by their own wrong thoughts. 

People never mean to say that about you and even if they do, just like my favourite Feng Shui Master Peter So has advised many times, if they like to say how bad you are let them 'Gong Dou Bao'(said till full). It's not going to destroy you in anyway because those people who can step on others like that actually should address those bad points more for themselves, more likely they couldn't handle your fame or good fortune as they're clearly the losers of all time. Let them 'Sing Sau'(received) their own bad karmas as you only need to do good, purify own's mind and not to do any evil, then you'll be living with peace of mind. But make sure what you did is clearly honest of only sharing good things with others. 1st of all, cut off the relationship that's toxic to you because once you cut it off, you end the cause and effect of your past life with her. Those who's into Buddhism would understand what I meant by this, the past, present and future life. 

After reading the 76% relationship compatibility guide by Tsem Rinpoche, I would keep it as a guidance in my life. But to keep the relationship going stronger than ever or forever till death do us part, both Rambo and I must make great efforts for it to last. And to save the best for last and to last the relationship for the rest of our lives, always make sure to strengthen our mental fitness to be mentally strong in order to think good before we can do good. Purify the mind to think positive thoughts only even if you're jealous of your own family members having good life, remember that they're reaping the good fortunes through doing good deeds. No need to be envious or jealous about it, just do it and plan your own happiness of your life. Never waste your time to feel bad about it but grab whatever good deals that's coming your way. Happy CNY 2014, live a fruitful year ahead and expect a beautiful life of your own!   

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