Monday, February 24, 2014

NEUZELL Oxygen Bubble Cleanser

Thanks Neuzell for the complimentary Oxygen Bubble Cleanser sent to me as I really love the green, effective cleanser that radiates my skin to perfection. I pump up to 3 times of this refreshing cleansing gel on my dry face, without water and the fine bubbles are forming slowly on my skin. Then, I rinse it off with water. I like it very much as it gently removes my makeup and any impurities during the day, leaving my skin totally clean, smooth and radiant.

I read that this cleanser actually enhances cell regenerative process with a boost of oxygen into the epidermal layers skin. I always love oxygen-based kind of products and I'm taking Cellfood oxygen water everyday for my health, beauty and wellness too, so it practically works well for me.And I love the reviving scent that awaken me all at once that can keep my skin hydrated as well. It's one of my favourite cleanser now...Haha. Check out my past blog on Neuzell Serum at

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