Wednesday, February 26, 2014

AVENE Skin Health Workshop 2014

I never failed to attend the yearly workshop organized by Avene as I learnt so much about skin health and I got
very inspired every year getting to know my skin better. I remember last 2 years event in Times Square Hotel,
Jaclyn called me and ever since then, we met almost every year during Avene/Rene Furterer Hair Workshop. 

The most awaited session I've been waiting for the day as I love pampering myself with Avene Thermal Spring
Water over my sensitive skin, face to body. That morning I've travelled to Seremban with my dear Charmer,
it's hot and my body was kinda dehydrated caused by the Malaysia humid weather that's 36-40 degree celcius.

Spa pampering I've been looking forward to, in fact it's my daily hobby now as my fridge is full of masks that
I need to finish using by this year 2014. I always love Avene spray of Spring water all over my face and body. 
Kick start with an Avene Cleansing Water to remove my makeups and impurities from the day out. 

 I love it as it's hassle-free and feeling so clean even without using water, gently remove dirt from the skin
 and leaving my skin real smooth.

Double cleanse it with Avene Cleansing Gel, foams a little but not drying my skin
at all.

Aah, the love of my life product from Avene that never failed to calm and soothing
my skin all day long wherever I go and whenever I want to. No more sensitive skin! 

As usual, wet the tissue mask with Avene Thermal Spring Water for total pampering skin of your lifetime. blissful moments with all cover-up facial spa. So relaxing and soothing!

The whole range of Avene products that I've used during the workshop and I brought it all back for my travel use.
My skin was so hydrated and looking so radiant like I just went for a facial spa pampering, I wana sleep already.

The sharing session by bloggers who have tried Avene products for a period of time.

The Q & A session and giving gifts to the lucky participants.

The Avene Booth with full range of products waiting in line to be grab by consumers. I still have many Avene
products at home, waiting for me to use.
The Avene products display with my favourite SPF protection range along there. 

Although this time around Avene put the main subject of Acne skin health more with Cleanance blemish-prone
products introduction, but I still enjoy and learnt a lot from this workshop. I would say I fully recommend those
having acne skin to use this range as I'm also using Avene skincare when my skin tend to be sensitive at times.  

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