Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Neutrogena HYDRO BOOST Gel SPF30 PA++ Launch

I'm glad I came for the Neutrogena HYDRO BOOST Gel SPF30 PA++ Media Launch today as I like the overall
blue water concept display here at Showcase, Plaza Kelana Jaya. Smooth drive, thank God for that...Haha!

Stopover to write my pledge in keeping skin healthy, I wrote "I pledge to keep my skin healthy naturally!"

A memoir picture with Neutrogena New Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30PA++ at the launch.

The display of all Neutrogena Hydro products in line. I like the blue packaging, look calming and convincing. 

Testing the star product of today's launch, the Hydro Boost Gel SPF30 PA++. Fast absorption and hydrated
enough with SPF 30 PA++ protection, just wait for my review soon.

Welcome speech by Cindra Tsai, Group Brand manager of Neutrogena.

Sharing on Skin Hydration by Dr.Chang Choong Chor (Consultant Dermatologist).

Somewhere, somehow I learn something useful today, all about skin protection and skin health.

Presentation on Research and Development by Vivienne Yao, R & D Manager.

Last but not least, all the Neutrogena skincare products provided for us today plus the new, star product
Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30PA++ to review soon. Lets' keep our skin hydrated and protected with Neutrogena! 


  1. so many products they gave :)
    if it is not in Kelana Jaya, I will go
    but since that place is far and I could not go...so just wait for all of your sharings
    hmmm...I tried the red colour packaging of Neutrogena Ageless anti-wrinkle and firming lotion
    it is quite tearful when I rub my eyes when my hand applied with the suncream
    hopefully this one is better! Can't wait for your sharing ^^

  2. Haha...Yea, the whole range of products is better and complete for good review of the brand.
    True, the area is quite jam but thank God I drag myself as it's fun there.
    Yea, sharing this blog helps to enlighten a bit for those who missed the event. It's ok, be sure to join next time.
    Neutrogena products works for me, except the BB Cream last year was kinda heavy which I don't fancy using that, the rest are my favourite esp.the Sleeping Mask.Try to put it in the fridge, cooling and soothing enough.
    Hope so, will review it real soon so stay tuned!