Monday, February 10, 2014

The Entertainer - Thai Fa-Ying Restaurant

This is not the 1st time I maximise the Entertainer dining benefits buy 1 free 1
by using one of the vouchers inside the book. Like to told Dana, I prefer to use
book like typical old-style treasure packed with goodies I enjoy using one-by one. 
I ordered the usual Thai signature rice dish, the Pineapple Fried Rice that tasted so-so only. I asked about
the prawn which is supposed to be inside it but they told me finish already. I asked them what kinda excuse
they're giving me but the waiter apologised to me and I kinda pity him because he's only the waiter. Rambo
asked to see the Chef and wana complain to the manager but I just let it go. I told Rambo this is my 1st and
it's gonna be my last visit here. The coconut juice cost me RM10 but it's fine since I enjoyed taking it.

One of the lousiest Tomyam Kung I've ever tried. I never like to condemn or comment badly about food and
those bad restaurants(many of them) that I have dine before but this time, I really have no choice because I
think it's kinda worthless to spend my money here, full of baby flies also I 'Jek ngan hoi, Jek ngan Bai' liao(one
eye close, one eye open) and make me waste my money of not finishing the seafood esp.the raw sotong. The
service staffs are polite, kept apologizing to me for the bad damage but I'll definitely ban this restaurant for life.

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