Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life Manifesto

Mirror Of The Heart
Su Dong Po, a famous Song Dynasty literary scholar and the monk Fo Yin were good friends, they often meditated together. One day when they were meditating, Su Dong Po asked Fo Yin, "What did you see in me when I was meditating?" Fo Yin looked closely at him and replied, "Your body was glittering like a Buddha". Upon hearing that, Su Dong Po was feeling over the moon and laughed heartily. Fo Yin then asked Su Dong Po,"What about me, how did I look?"Su Dong Po liked to tease the earnest Fo Yin so he said, "You looked like a pile of cow dung".Fo Yin replied, "That means I need to put on more effort into my practise". 

Having taken advantage of Fo Yin, Su Dong Po went home and chuckled the incident to his younger sister who said, "My dear brother, this time you lost to Fo Yin". Why is that?Su Dong Po asked. Fo Yin saw that you looked like a Buddha because there's a Buddha in his heart and so, everything looks like Buddha to him. When you said Fo Yin looked like cow dung, imagine what was in your heart?" The moral of the story is so meaningful to the fact that it's one of the best story I have read recently. It reminds me so much that we need not get angry over any bad remarks others have perceived about us because we live by our own rules of life and as long we live the Buddha way of living, it will never go wrong or out of the way.

I never failed to see and feel good things about others because that's what I perceived of others from my thorough observation. I always reminding Rambo to practise the golden rule of kindness where never 'Gin Gou Jau Bai, Gin Dai Jau Cai'. The Chinese Old saying that simply means 'praising only the high society and neglect the low standard ones' because I respect and treat everyone as equal. Till today, I spoke to Rambo's good buddies the same way before and after they become millionaires yet they still follow, listen and agreed with me because they knew me well enough. Friends never have to argue about anything, judging one another but we always understand each other well that's matter to us. 

If others calling you aunty and ugly, you need not get angry because that's what they see in themselves. Everything seems to look bad because they feel that way, so just ignore them and cut off the relationship since it's not gonna benefits you in the long run. I will never let anyone to hurt me along the journey of my life because I have no time to attend to their drama. Positive people only have time to talk about future ideas and creating new concepts to enhance better possibilities in life, unlike the negative ones they have time to gossip about others. The cycle will never ends, in fact it will go round and round till the day you die that only creating bad karmas into your life. Ignore it, stop it and move on. Life is too short for that! 

Life is actually full of opportunities, be it for the single, married and even for the old ones, so long they're optimistic about life, they can always grab every chance that's been open and offer to them. During CNY, I told my sis Toto the 'Misai Kucing Tea' she gave me is finishing and she gave me a thumb up with "Good" and gave me another new box of tea to continue on as I really wana stay healthy, getting far, far away from the high cholesterol level sickness. Sis Toto used to serve us premium Chinese Tea that cost thousand dollars from a pack, a gift from her Billionaire Boss from Indonesia and I always enjoyed that tasty tea so much. When she started to share this Misai Kucing Tea with all of us during our Vegetarian Dinner, I never enjoy the taste of this tea at all. 

Too plain for me and it definitely can't compare with those expensive premium tea we used to enjoy. But thank God, after taking this tea religiously, everyday for the past one month I don't have any 'Ngiing, Ngiing' sound come visiting me anymore. I cannot believe myself that I would reply Rambo "No, TQ!" when he suggested we go for the best, authentic Curry Mee at Subang Jaya as I seldom reject Curry Noodles in my life. Haha...but that's the changes I can see in myself, improving progressively because 'Ngo Beng Dou Geng'(sick till I got scare) esp.the last January High Cholesterol breakdown. And I make sure I take the right supplements like Fish Oil, Q10 and Cellfood to provide me sufficient vitamins and minerals for basic nutrients needed in my body system. 

I have promised myself wholeheartedly to take good care of myself, I vow to myself that it won't happen again and I'm changing everyday to following only the right attitudes in life. There's no shortcut to that simple philosophy of life. Not only sick has wasted so much of my time suffering in pain, but it affects my mental health I'm not happy about. I need a healthy mental state of mind for good memories in getting inspired to get my plans going but when I was sick, I got no mood to do anything at all. I felt so helpless that time but thank God, my inner strong character never leads me to depression or mental stress. I still sleeps comfortably and having blissful sleep like usual because I make sure I have enough rest and that's what I want in life. 

I just need to implement some strict rules in my life to lead a healthy lifestyle. Tea actually contains many nutrition in a cup of tea. While it's important to take sufficient Water for our body system, taking tea can be a source of stress relief with its soothing effects. It's jam-packed with polyphenols that's 8-10 times more than fruits and vegetables, besides containing other antioxidant properties which are capable to boost up our body's immunity system, defending against harmful free-radical damage. More tea benefits sharing in my coming blog, just stay tuned and live a meaningful life ahead of you! 

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