Wednesday, February 12, 2014

OLAY Aquaction Hydration Gel Moisturizer

The goodies galore from OLAY Aquaction Event by Vivi magazine. Not only I
learn so much from this event about the importance of taking sufficient water
for our body system, I learn more about nutrition and hydration needs for skin.
I missed out the last Olay event organised by Watsons but thank God, I managed
to attend this Olay event that Saturday afternoon. It inspired me to the extent that
I wish to further my study in Nutrition but I need to arrange my plan properly then. 

This cooling hydration gel is kinda cool as it's soothing enough to pamper my skin during hot afternoon. And I
need not put much of it as I can feel it's kinda sticky, just a little bit of it can keep my skin hydrated enough to
feel moisturised and lively enough. It's like a glimmer of healthy shine flashing out from my skin, not oily shine.