Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fabulous February 2014

February month is not just the month of Valentine romantic mood spiralling us all around with heart-shaped gifts, it's also a fabulous month to start Ganbatte achieving our goals and glory to great success after spending 2 weeks CNY in sharing and giving. Be it a small dream or a big plan ahead of you, stay inspired and motivated to realise your dreams to come true real soon. You'll reap what you sow anyway. Although I have strike Da Ma Cai lottery for the 3rd time charms since the CNY started, I still need to work my way up to earn money as I believe there's no free lunch everyday. 

My last container sent to Japan was on the CNY eve dinner, seriously work comes 1st before I can enjoy the sweet happiness later after that. During the 2014 CNY holiday I went to Paradigm Mall for a Thai lunch as I always wana try the food at Fa Ying Restaurant and make good use of the Entertainer membership dining benefits there. And  I passed by Pandora to check on the latest Valentine designs for my Valentine gifts but none of them really attracts my attention at all. Next door was the Habib Jewels that came up with RM8 discount of the 916 Gold price RM155, so it's RM147 per gram of gold buying which is worth to grab right now.

That's why the Chinese in China gone 'lap fo' all over China and Hongkong till out of stock in most of their goldsmith shops. Talking about Gold shopping in HK, I love their enchanting designs that's full of elegant and exclusive designs. I usually ended up buying 999 Gold esp. from their famous HK 'Luk Fook Jewellery' shop. At that time, I bought was only about RM55 per gram and now the Gold price is RM160. I think so far my best investment in life is Gold that appreciates in value as I love wearing jewelries since I was young. 

But nowadays, I didn't know where I put all my valuable things and sometimes, I even lost track where I left it in my house as it's not my top priority anymore. I still would invest one nice Gold to keep in every CNY for future good investment and I always encourage others to buy Gold as well as money can 'Bin Jik'(inflation) but Gold will always appreciate in value in time to come. Although last year 2013, the Gold price was RM190 and this year it drops to RM155, but it will rise up eventually. I even told my sis Defney to get a Horse sign this year from Tomei as something that's valuable and worthy to invest in life. 

This year Cho 9 at 12 midnight, Rambo has been pestering me to go for 'Bai Tin Kung'(Hokkien culture) with him. I told him to go alone and joined his Lim Family together but he kept asking me to go along with him until I have no choice and went along. When I reached there, all of them knew I just woke up from my beauty sleep as I fell asleep at 8-9pm for battery-recharge (energy) before I can join them that night. It was so 'Yit Lau'(happening) that night in Sentul, full of 'crash boom bang' colourful fireworks from the small firework to the big ones. 

We went for 'Fong Sang'(letting go animals) with 'Da Bei Zou' ritual at the front porch here, it's one of the noble Buddhism Compassion prayer for good blessings in life. We 'Lou Sang' together for a better and prosper year of 2014, we laughed and we had great prayer that night with deep satisfaction we have did our very best so far. My bro-inlaw told me he as the Deputy Chef came back asap after serving the deputy prime minister who came to Kampachi Japanese Restaurant at 9pm late for this celebration as it means a lot to him.

Nowadays, not only the Hokkien people would celebrate this praying event but the business-minded people tend to celebrate it as well. When Rambo share this picture with his good buddies who are all Hokkien also, they comment "Huat Huat!" Haha...I only reply a smiling face as to them, all they think is ~money, money, money~ Already so rich, they wanted more and they will never stop Huat Huat as since the day I gathered them all in 'Best Buddies 4ever' recently, they never stop talking about business and money. And they kept asking us to meet up for gathering that I cannot promise as I told them Saturday and Sunday, I'm usually fully-booked but they kept calling Rambo who's only following my schedule. 

They also missed our Mahjong session like our old-times together, staying the night over before all of us got married etc. I got no choice but to attend their gathering before I go for my weekend events. They kept calling and spamming my wazzapp group like kids, make me laugh so much and also my sis Toto advising me to 'Zhen Xi'(appreciate) relationship with the good buddies esp.during CNY. Haha...they're all 40 years old but still acted like boys they used to be in their 20's. They're still sot sot crazy, having electrifying excitement when we met up last week for Rambo's 40th Birthday celebration together. I'm still the only Rose(Jacinta) among the thorns(buddies) who organized the 1st gathering with KH, another humble wealthy man alive.

I can see most of them are getting old liao, growing grey hair and getting fat in their 40's including Rambo. My Uncle said after 40's, they tend to get fat easily. But I told my Monkey brother Ahboy Lim(34) that day, he cannot add another 1 kg on his body anymore as fat will get him into more troubles. I told him being fat not only his heart will be weaken as it expand extensively with too much fats that can block his breathing system, arteries and veins blockage can cause heart attack easily etc. "You see, I told you don't believe. Now Jacinta told you the same thing", my sis told my brother that after I told him, "Don't play a fool Boy! ""Ok," he replied us both. 

Even my dear Charmers who are only 7, 11 and 12 years old but that day I advised LeAnne she cannot take more than 2 egg yolks no matter how much she likes it also. I told her about high cholesterol that may not happen at her age now but when she comes to my age, then she'll suffer if she never control her diet. And whenever I scoop any veges for them, they would take it as they know it's good for them. And when both Lynette and Shan gave her the egg yolks, she have 3 she told me she only took 2 and I said, "Good, that's right." I love them so much because they really listen and follow well like adults who can think maturely.

I remember my Uncle used to advise me not to take too much sugar to avoid the Diabetes since I was 7 years old, that's why till today my drinks are all 'Kurang Manis'(less sugar/sweet) but it still tasted good as it is. Life is really a simple journey where you stay with the right people who can uplift you, happy for you and living harmoniously with you. PA has mentioned in my wazzapp group saying that although his friends are all Tan Sri, Dato', professionals but nothing beats their relationship as brothers who knew each other for the past 30 years which I agreed with him totally. I'm still feeling truly happy, deep within me not because I strike Da Ma Cai lottery for more money, but it's the love spirit that surrounding us all around family and friends.   

My desire for materials has lighten so much, I find that I can't even finish wearing all of them and I can't wear the real Gold out there nowadays as it's too dangerous liao. Rambo told me many real stories recently that's scary came from bad people, not ghost. He also told me Mr. LL has called to apologised for the late delivery of the grand hamper from Penang to us but I told them it's ok, as long he's healthy from Cancer it's a big gift to us. I want him to stay healthy so that the next time I travel to Penang for business trip again, I wana see him happy as always. Haha...that's what happiness is all about and that's why all of us would stay connected together as the positive vibes keep us coming together in this journey of life! 

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