Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Valentino

Happy Valentine's Day to all my beloved family and friends! Today marks one of the sweetest day in today's history where most of us will be celebrating it with romantic dinners and flourish each other with lovely gifts. I used to celebrate it with Rambo having V Day Dinner at hotel and he always make the reservation on time for us. But as time goes by, I prefer to stay home and stay away from crowded places+the jam too. At times he convinced me to try out new Valentine menu, I was kinda tempted also and went for it because sometimes the restaurants did create special menu that I would like to try for sure. I know they charged an exorbitant price for the special menu but in my diary of life, we never calculate too much when it comes to celebration. 

Both Rambo and I never really calculate too much in money and cents that much as we only live by the rules of loving each other and live life as it is. I used to earn higher salary than him since I was 20, I bought my own property at 24 years old and I put his name on my property. When I travel, I paid everything for him and he used to travel for business trips asking for advance loan from me, I just lend it to him without any terms and conditions. We never count/calculate what's his or mine but now that he earns more than me, he also gave everything to me and told me it's all mine. I would sum it up by saying if we really love each other, we would do our very best to love each other unconditionally and whatever we do each day, it's meant to light up each other's life better. As simple as that, that's what love is all about. 

I used to have a friend who's also a Lim, who cares so much about me that I always put a brake halt to our friendship. I don't wana give any wrong impression to him that I accept his 'Hou Yi'(good intention) but he always told me, I cannot stop him from loving me and he just wana treat me good. And he did, he always surprise me with LV, Dior, Diamond Bracelet, Franck Meuller Watch and many other valuable gifts that I told him don't waste money buying me gifts but he never listen. In my 20's, I have a few marriage proposals I never accept even when they brought me to view those penthouse at Mont Kiara or Mines as gifts because I believe one day, my dear Rambo would be able to give me all that in future. 

I fully support him in his career all these years, I back him up all the time and I have total, full confidence in him that one day, he's my Prince Charming who's gonna shower me everything with true loyalty and loving me faithfully till death do us part. My sis Toto always said to me that she knew his brother so well and who he's become today is all my effort of moulding him sincerely with love. But I always said it's his efforts, determination and hard work too. As long he's loyal to me, I'm happy enough. My Uncle Wah used to joke with him asking him how many millions he have left for me just in case if he leave me 1st but then I told him, "Choi, there's no meaning of having million dollars if you can't spend the rest of your life with your loved one.Money is not everything that means the world to me." My aunt, who's happen to be my friend Christine said, "Yea" and I knew she loves my Uncle a lot even he's not perfect at keeping his eyes on other women(look only). 

This is one point I don't like my man of my life to be as I think it's very disrespectful of them and I'm glad Rambo is not one of them. I know he have many girlfriends also but I knew all his friends. In this 20 years I'm with him, he never acted like that. My mom and Sis Toto always reassured me that Rambo is not that kinda man who will betray me but I always told them cannot be so sure about it. He's still a man and men need to be control from time to time as what we have agreed among my sisters and  my women club. Just last Sunday CNY gathering we had, WH told me our good buddy SA needs to be back home everyday and if he failed to do so, he need not come back anymore the next day. 

Haha...I laugh out loud and I told her, "I fully support what you did and keep up doing that." All the good Tigers SA, Rambo and KH then said, "Yea, you women are right" and I continue on, "No choice, you men can act immature sometimes. No money can be itchy, imagine with money what will you be?" And although most of the gatherings, they always expect me to join their buddies gathering without other wives coming along, but they all knew I always support the women side more as we usually stand united together as one entity where we believe a man should only love one woman in his life. One good woman living happily with you is good enough.

I always stretched to them that if a man is not strong enough to tame a woman he loves, I doubt that he can rules a company or a team to success. Don't talk about success if you cannot love a woman faithfully in life. I'm not a love expert here but I always encourage all the women in my life to stay happily and loyally with the men we love in life. Just last Friday I asked my Da Jie, "How's everything with you and Bro. Hong?" She replied me, "Tq for your concern, we're trying our best". And I happily said, "That's great, I'm happy to hear that." That's called love!

Love is trying to fix what has been broken or damage caused by any misunderstanding we may have with each other. Don't just throw it away or quit when you have not try to work/sort it out. A good lasting relationship always take two to tango with it, and it always need two hands to complete and beautify it forever. Live it, experience it and enjoy the everlasting relationship that you've chosen in your life. Valentino is everywhere, in fact Rambo's Buddies Group have 2 good bachelors alive who are gonna celebrate Valentine Day with us tonight. So go grab one if you're still single because they're many out there still looking for love. Good Luck with that. Happy V Day!   

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