Thursday, February 6, 2014

American Idol 2014

Pictures courtesy from Facebook American Idol, TQ. Ryan looks so handsome as usual...Haha!

Thank God the time has arrived for the new, latest season of American Idol for 2014. I've been waiting for the whole year just to get updated with music and great songs by watching American Idol. And I always love watching Ryan Seacrest host his magical jokes and play as the best host of all time. He's the best, he never fails to make me laugh and getting me all excited watching American Idol each season. Keep up the good work Ryan, will always support you in everything you ventured into!

And it's great to welcome Jennifer Lopez back as one of the American Idol Judge because I love her too. I remember Alex and I used to listen and watched her MV after we finished working and hanging out at The Coffee Bean, KL Plaza(Fahrenheit now). But the bad news is that Randy Jackson is no longer the judge anymore but act as a Consultant for them now. Anyhow, I still hope the judges need not speak too much like the audition part, just give a short comment that's sharp enough to boost up the contestants' confidence in winning this competition. 

After watching a few episodes of American Idol 2014 during the Chinese New Year holiday, I was kinda impressed with some of the contestants, for instance Jesse Cline. He can really sings with his amazing voice. This is the season I'm looking forward to amaze me with their talent just like the 1st Season 'The Voice of China', where the judges would turn their seats to grab the contestant by just listening to the voice. This is what singing talent is all about, it's the natural talent in singing that melt our heart and soul to heaven and some are very touching as well. Bravo American Idol, way to go! 

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