Saturday, February 22, 2014

Double-Boiled Bird's Nest with American Ginseng

Picture courtesy from my sis Defney, she's used to snapping nice pictures of the food before enjoying it.

Bird’s Nest or “Yin Wo’ is a definite Chinese cuisine delicacy, very often consumed by many women who believe it helps in enhancing their beauty and wellness. Not for me obviously because my taste bud is very strong and I really don't like the fishy taste of it. In fact, back in my kampung Johor, one of my relative is doing bird's nest business for years. Often times, all of my sisters were looking forward to taking it for beauty, health and wellness. My stepdad and mom tried to convince me for years already to enjoy it together with them but I usually rejected it. 

This time, my mom told me this time she double-boiled it, added with American Ginseng so it will not taste fishy at all. She scooped the 1st bowl for me, asked me to taste it 1st before I reject it again and so I did. Yea, it taste better with 'Pao Sem' because the American Ginseng 'Kam Kam Dei'(Ginseng taste not bitter) taste helps to bring out a better flavour for the bird's nest soup. All of them enjoyed it so much, just not for us the 4 BFFs, we're not the fan of bird's nest. We love to indulge the Milo Ice-cream together with total satisfaction, that's for sure.

This year 2014, my CNY Hamper have 2 types of Bird's Nest gift tagging along including one American Ginseng Bird's Nest and I think I will give it to my mom to cook it then. Seeing their happy faces enjoying it yesterday including Rambo, I guess it's worth it to share the joys and happiness together as a happy family. This year CNY seems not ending yet as we're still playing Mahjong and enjoying Chinese cuisines. Time really flies too fast that I kinda miss giving out angpows after it ends, and I still give to the old guard yesterday as I want to be fair to everyone. That's life, what goes around comes around!

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