Thursday, February 27, 2014

YAKULT Seremban Factory Visit

Haha...I finally came to Yakult for a visit after having to wait for a year as last year I was too busy visiting Penang.
Early in the morning when I was sleeping blissfully with a sweet dream, I heard Rambo calling me "Good morning
Honey, wake up" that I gotta drag myself up away from the sweet dream. I took a morning bath fast and ready to go.

I have no choice as my dear Charmer reached to my place and she got very excited to visit Yakult Factory, even
Shan and Lynette couldn't join us that day. And I also brought along Bro.Chai Family to join in the fun with me.

This educational Yakult trip is inspiring enough to motivate me keeping healthy
everyday by taking Yakult. Sometimes I may forget until I feel discomfort only I
remember about Yakult. They served us chilled cold Yakult, fresh from the factory.
Obviously, we wanted to have more but we never ask for more as we have plan to buy more later. LeAnne even
told me she wanted the less sugar one like me so I suggested she took 3 stacks, each for herself, Lynette and her
parents as well. I told her to remind my sister who have stomach problem to take this Yakult, one bottle everyday.
She promised me she would and in fact after dinner that night, I saw her took one Yakult for her mom and I
praised her for being a good girl. I told my sister she needs to take this everyday with all the amazing benefits
sharing which I learnt from this wonderful presentation and she promised me she would. Health comes 1st
above everything else in the world. No health, no wealth, that's for sure!
This is the Yakult Network worldwide and when I was in Japan, I knew much about it and after watching NTV7
documentary show by Yakult, somewhere somehow I got to learn so much about Japan I wish to visit again soon.
Yakult history begins since 1930's, producing Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain good bacteria for healthy intestine. 

Everyday, we consume food that can be bad for our health. But it's not only food that can cause us bad health,
stress, taking medicines or antibiotics and ageing process can affect our daily lifestyle as well. And everything
we do should come in a balance so that it will not be disturbed, make sure our immune system are strong enough
to protect us from contracting infections, food poisoning and getting sick, or else you need antibiotics for that.

We don't need antibiotics but we need Probiotics daily from Yakult. Dr. Minoru
Shirota have created Yakult to contain '30 Billion Live, Good Bacteria' to improve
the balance of good bacteria in our intestines, scientifically proven beneficial for
good health in long run. Many hospitals providing Yakult for their patients too.
This cartoon from Japan I request the English version for my dear LeAnne(although she's good in Mandarin
also) is very interesting as the story summary gave a good moral lesson for them to understand what good
bacteria is all about, what they should take in their daily meals and why probiotics are important for them.   

Probiotics are important because it can improve bowel movement to avoid constipation and diarhea, reduce
toxins in our body and boost immune system to reduce the risk of infection and occurence of cancer cells.
Shamira told me she read my blog, I was kinda surprised and thanked her for the support anyway.
The Yakult packaging from all over the world, all look so cute and petite. Haha...Malaysia can't use the original
packaging from Japan as Vitagen has already used that packaging in Malaysia since 1970's. LeAnne enjoyed the
factory visit from watching the cartoon to making Yakult process visit at the factory. No pictures are allowed so
I can't share it here in my blog. I can always visit again next time but I would encourage you to visit it yourself.

The other products Yakult has been producing in Japan for their own market. I have seen some of it and I may
have tried some before. All are healthy and nutritious food and drinks for their own lucky Japanese people.
Leanne wrote in diary that she would eat more fish and veges, less meat from now on, I gave her A+ for that.
I'm a lazy lady but taking Yakult probiotics, one in my daily life should be easy
going for me as I kept it cold in the fridge for a yummy drink after meal, be it after
breakfast, lunch or dinner. Only 1/2 Yakult is good enough because that's all we need
in our body everyday, more of that would be wasted. 

Yakult can be consume for babies from 3 months onwards to old ones, everyday and it's better to chill it cold as
it's fresher and finish it at one go. I'm glad I attend the Yakult Factory, it definitely refresh my memory to keep
myself healthy and happy with life. I don't mind to visit again as I've gained so much with the valuable infos of
the making Yakult from the R&D to packaging process itself. Bravo Yakult for giving us good health, long lives!