Monday, December 1, 2014

KERASTASE Discipline Hair Treatment Review

Kerastase brand at Miko Galere looked absolutely luxurious with its colourful pictures and products in line
for grabs. An inviting section to welcome you enough to buy their products for home or travel use. To get
up close with Kerastase Malaysia, check out

I arrived Miko Galere at 7pm for the hair treatment pampering with before picture
of me. It's fully booked on Friday night but this is the only time I'm able to make it.

The uniform butler offered me a cold Orange Juice while waiting for the stylist to do my hair treatment. 

While double cleansing my hair using two kinds of Kerastase hair shampoos, I read this article that caught
my full attention to it. All at once, the meaningful message manage to convince enough I had make the
right choice all these years in choosing Kerastase brand for my haircare, from scalp care to hair care. 

The Kerastase of using the divine scent of shampoo already pampered me so much,
and when she starts to massage my neck and head I felt really relaxed, calming my
senses to perfection. I just wished she can massage me longer, hope to last forever. 

This is the Kerastase Discipline Haircare range for home use, from shampoo, conditioner, mask to leave-on
smooth treatment. In fact, I'm here to experience the whole range treatment for my hair using this 4 products.

This is salon packaging used here for my hair treatment. My hair was silky smooth and manageable for sure.
And my hair smells really good too.Haha...this is what I called a real hair treatment pampering, more to come.

The mask treatment begins, the treatment cost RM480 and above based on the hair length. The thicker and
longer hair you have, the higher price it's going to be so consult with the hair stylist on the price list 1st. 
After applying the hair mask all over my hair, this special iron was used to enhance the penetration of the
rich mask on my hair more effectively. That's what they really believed it will work for our hair, faster too.

The absorption of the mask treatment is extremely crucial to be able to achieve smooth, silky hair, that's
why they need to iron it part by part of my hair so that the mask can works its magic on my dry hair.

After the ironing part, there's a short massage during the cleansing mask
and completed with a blow dry of my choice. I told Jiro, I prefer a natural
perm blow dry will do and so he did it wonderfully quick for me.

Haha...Jiro is one of the shareholder of Miko Galere as he's impressed with Miko concept after been trained
and worked here for years. Many of my family and friends always asked which hair salon I visit all the time, I
can recommend you this place then if you're around after a tiring shopping spree.Miko Galere offers manicure
service, body massages and haircare treatments for one stop centre of total pampering from top to toe here.
I can't help it but to take more pictures momento with my favourite brand of Kerastase for great memories that
night. To get up close with Miko Galere at Pavilion 7th Floor, check out

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