Sunday, January 25, 2015

Affection Perfection

Last Sunday I had a blissful day having lunch with Rambo, then Mei Sze sharing with her some tips about health and wellness on 'Bodhi Bagua'+'Fing Sau'(flipping hands) from China. This amazing adventure of an old surgeon who had Colon Cancer but healed himself naturally without any huge operation to help MS ease her sufferings. She told me yea, her boyfriend's dad taught her the same exercise but I taught her step-by step on flipping both of her hands to the back as well, not just down 180 degree but up to 270 degree with the right breathing respiration technique and bending the knee part also is a must-do step. We talked and laughed about it as she told me it's really not an easy routine for her.

The Bodhi Bagua Meditation ritual she said too rigorous for her where I totally agreed with her as I, myself felt the same way too although I'm an active person in sports kinda girl but I can't do it so well like Rambo. Rambo has been pestering me, pushing me to join him for this 8.5 Days Meditation Retreat in Canada/Malaysia but I've ignored him in the past two years. I told him if this can be done here in Malaysia, might as well just do it here locally, why need to travel so far there. Malaysia semuanya ada, let's do it here then, but give me some time to prepare for it as I don't like to do things half way and quit it if I didn't like it during the retreat. 

I really salute Rambo for being so patient about this idea of going through the healthy journey together with me and I believe his perseverance has finally paid off where he has succeeded to brain-washed me into giving this idea a bright green light to go for this retreat this year in 2015. Like I told Mei Sze health is the ultimate wealth, where she totally agreed with me what's the point of having so much money in the bank if someone's going to die or suffer due to illness and sickness that's drowning her/him down to death. She also knew that China and Chinese never encourage their patients to cut here and there of their bodies and flesh just to cure the illness. Rambo's intention is purely meant good for both of us so I will make it happen for him then.

After the meaningful sharing with her where she kept thanking me, I replied her "Welcome, don't mention it. Just stay healthy and happy for me will do" and I walked across the road going for my monthly spa, the Pialla Wellness Relaxing Facial to take its place. During the pampering facial, I felt fulfilled deep inside of me that I've did my very best to live up the life I always dream to be, with Rambo accompanying me to the spa where I can rest and relax my body, mind and soul after a yummylicious dining nearby. After the satisfactory spa enjoyment, both of us went to One U for my weekly shopping indulgence and I get to buy a pair of Green Shoes from Lewre brand that I've aimed for some time liao. In fact recently, I thought of buying this kinda shoes design I used to wear in the past, last 15 years ago and I finally found it in Green, my favourite colour somemore. 

Haha...Thank God for that as I was feeling totally on top of the world esp. I get to grab this exquisite, elegant and exclusive shoes that cost RM499 the malay girl told me, she also said left the only 4 size that's available for me. Rambo beh tahan me seeing me so happy about it and asked me to donate some money to the Tzu-Chi Buddhist Association for the flood charity drive there. I told him we have banked-in the donation money for them liao this January 2015 just last 2 weeks ago, but he insisted he wanted to help those volunteers and so I told him he can go ahead for it. I knew he's a kind person who always like to help people and I wouldn't stopped him from cultivating good deeds all the time.

In fact, everytime he shared with me all the good deeds he did made me proud of having him as my loving hubby. This is why I chose him to be my lover and bestie for years as he's very kind deep within him. All his good actions actually makes me love him more and more each day. Although this year 2015 is gonna mark our 22nd Anniversary years being together for so long, our love and care for each other grew deeper and further like those new lovers who just got married. We sleep each night by holding our hands together after wishing each other "Amituofo, Good night Pi!" 

We sleep peacefully+blissfully easily in a second after a short meditation that I wished for a better day tomorrow with happiness and wellness ahead of me. It is so important to cultivate Buddhism by reading Buddhist books everyday to purify our mind, body and soul to do good deeds everyday as life is so full of anger, greed, ignorance and arrogance among the people. I was very fortunate to be able to grab one 'Liao Fan's 4 Lessons Book' from Chin Swee Vegetarian Restaurant during my recent trip to Genting for my 2015 reading. I used to go Genting Highlands for gambling pleasures with my mom and friends, but nowadays my mind is very focused into wanting to visit temples for prayers of protection and safety for my family and friends who are dealing with sufferings. 

I have read this book for so many times, but each time I read it I've gained much more good insights about it. It also brighten up my days by living my days in a more fulfilling ways I cannot describe much about it but feeling it deep within me with amazing grace and glory to it. I told Rambo also that only good and fortunate people would be able to adapt it, getting close with great teachings like this, those who didn't cultivate good deeds you wont' be able to understand it, get to know about it, people will not advise or share good things with you as you're too full with evils and sins that you need to purify it 1st before you can enjoy more good fortunes to approach you, get near to you or cross into your life. So start doing more good deeds 1st before you can enjoy a good life ahead of you. That's life, c'est la vie!

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