Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kopiko Purple League - Malaysia's Next Badminton Superstars

Kopiko Purple League is an exciting new addition to the local badminton calendar and it aims to be the platform to cultivate Malaysia's next badminton superstars. Such a coincidence that day when I attend this media invite, Jorgersen is going to play that night but I was busy that day and I didn't wear my sports attire. :(

12 Premium Badminton Clubs owned or supported by Malaysia's former badminton greats, distinguished coaches, international and local badminton stars, as well as some of Malaysia's most promising young badminton talents will compete in this inaugural Kopiko Purple League.

I remembered the last time I watched Badminton Live like this was in 30 years back when my stepdad brought me to Stadium Negara with his VIP Pass, part of the media of a reputable camera company and I'm a Badminton fan since primary school days so I went along with him. Seeing the young players in action today kinda pushing me into playing Badminton again, but the energy level in me is kinda limited now. Haha...it's the nature calling me to go through the aging process and that's called life. For full player list and more infos, you can check out www.purpleleague.com 

I don't consider myself a coffee addict but I would enjoy a cup of coffee or maximum two cups of it to wakes me up from my blissful dream every morning without failed. I have more than 10 brands of coffee beans/type to choose from and one of them is definitely Kopiko brand with its tagline stating 'Your Coffee Specialist.' A cup of coffee a day obviously keeps the doctor away, I will blog about it real soon so stay tuned on it.

Kopiko L.A. Coffee is tastefully delicious with its fresh coffee aroma comes and it comes in a separate sugar packed for your liking where sometimes I take it without adding any of it, adding half packet of it or the whole sugar pack up depending on my mood of the day. For more infos, check them out at https://www.facebook.com/kopikomalaysia

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