Thursday, January 8, 2015

L’OCCITANE Limited-Edition Hand Cream Collection By Soledad Bravi

Begin 2015 with a New Year resolution to take better care of your hands. L’OCCITANE brings you a delightful limited-edition selection of goodies, decorated with designs by well-known French illustrator, Soledad Bravi.

Since the birth of the first ever L’OCCITANE Shea Hand Cream in 1980, the French cosmetic and skincare brand has never looked back. For the past 34 years, L’OCCITANE has been bringing back beautiful hands to women and men around the world.

We often take them for granted, but did you know that your hands are a tell-tale sign of your age? The skin on the backs of your hands is as fragile as the skin around your eyes, and because there is very little fat underneath the skin, signs of ageing become very apparent.

Take your pick from two wonderfully adorable Hand Cream sets. Personally and honestly, I liked the both sets simultaneously. Haha...I'm a fan of cutie goodies like this! 

The seasons finest harvests
In 2015, Soledad brings her illustrations to life on the labels of 4 bestselling L’OCCITANE Hand Creams, each inspired by a different season of the year. 

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