Thursday, January 15, 2015

Parents' Echoes

Picture courtesy from The Secret Facebook page :)

No matter what age you've grown up to, boys or girls gender you maybe, you also need to learn how to love your mommy all the time. Not only during Mother's Day, X'mas or CNY when she's giving you a big 'Hung Bao' as affection definitely grows perfection. Your mom will be melt by then for sure. My dear Charmers(3 gals) always kisses me when I kissed them lovingly. Must always 'Gan En', 'Gan Xie' (grateful, thankful) to them then only your mom's hardwork will be totally worth it to sacrifice so much for you. And the more grateful you are, the more good fortunes are going to come rolling to you abundantly for sure. 

Just like last Saturday, my dear LeAnne has asked me about my new 2015 Facebook Seventeen magazine cover page for my profile picture where the conversation led us into sharing about my magazines' experiences, those 'Chan Lin Gau Si'(old times, years ago) younger days stories where I told her I would only share with her when I have the time and remember to show her the magazines next time. And I also asked her, "Those pictures and status that I post up, is it you or your mommy who likes them?" "Of course it's me, she assured me. "Haha...Ok, good if it's you so I know it's sincerely liked by you my dear Charmer." 

Then she told me, "But sometimes mommy checked my Facebook profile, I don't like. It's like she's intruding my privacy." "No lah, cannot blame your mommy as I would do the same thing just to be sure you're safe from bullies or sexual harassment like your classmate SL's case. Remember I told you she pm me telling me that there's a man who asked her to be naked etc. I told her to inform her parents about it, never follow his instructions, deleted him at once and urged your mom to take extra good care on you girls immediately. It's a serious case, try to understand our position in taking care of you girls."

She listened obediently and trying to digest my advise for her. That Saturday itself, I came out from the ladies my dear Lynette rushing me to play cards with them and I agreed with it. I even said, "This is the right way to interact with each other. We actually played, talked and laughed out loud together. I don't like to see all of you hugging or holding the Ipad 24 hours a day, don't put it besides your bed also. It's not right at all and you're not spending time the right way for our Saturday gathering. Lynette even mentioned to me "We're all BFFFs, an extra F added in 'Best Family Friends Forever' for our group name. 

Haha...they really make me laugh happily that night. Like I told them I wanted them to spend our weekly nights in this way from now on and not seeing them focusing unnecessarily with their Ipads all day long. I fully encouraged them if they wanted to do any research for knowledge(Lynette), learning new skills(LeAnne) or showing me some of the great talents in magic show(Ying Shan) but not watching cartoons all the time. I usually called them to keep it inside the bag and start to chat because life should be interactive by facing and talking to each other about what's going on with our lives and not laughing with the cyber world alone.

Even my cyber world friends would prefer to meet up for a gathering, lunch or dinner together when we get the chance to meet up with each other. Not only everyone would make the great efforts to meet at a certain location, sometimes they really make their utmost efforts to car pool, fetching me to Genting Highlands for our poker buddies game there together. Occasionally, Charlize would drop by to my place to a nearby cafe for a long hours chat as we need to be open up, pouring our hearts and soul with friends wholeheartedly, we gave each other honest opinions about the specific topic and that is called life. Will blog about it in my next timeline, Sayonara for now!             

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