Sunday, January 4, 2015

COLLECTION New Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit Review

Eyebrows right on the dot by not over-doing it at all, and it's the latest new trendy 'Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit' I'm talking about. It comes in 3 powder shades, clear brow gel for to set brows in place and slanted brush applicator for perfect precision. And what I like most is it's compact enough with slim, mini compact that also comes with a Clear Brow Mascara for my brow, that I use to apply on my eyelashes too, esp. when I'm in a hurry I have no time to put on the mascara.Haha...the Clear Brow Mascara is so cute, comes in a mini petite size like me and it's so easy to use that helped to save much of my time too.

I kinda like the fine brush of the mascara that's able to curl my fine eyelashes to look sexily thick and healthy. I also use it by swiping it on my brow before applying the powder to shape it perfectly. You know no matter how busy you can be, shaping your brow is a basic thing you need to take at least 5 minutes to shape it, colour it and keep it tidy as best as you can because it actually helps to enhance the overall look right through the window of your soul - your eyes. For more infos about COLLECTION, check out their last launch at 

Somewhere, somehow the brighten up eyes look of yours can define who you really are, what kinda personality you're standing to be and why is it in Fengshui face reading it's so important that many of the celebrities be it the TVB stars or the American actors, they're willing to go for face uplifting, enhance bigger eyes with higher eyebrows for more prosperity or bridging their nose higher like a Pinocchio. Fengshui is important to practise for a balance of life to have a smoother journey ahead for us, but never go overboard with it. You can always learn how to apply makeup in the right ways for a good Fengshui face reading of yours. A perfectly, pretty-shaped brow can go a long way to enhance the beauty of a person, you can look like an angel or a devil look with it so learn how to beautify yourself with makeup to achieve the look you wish to be.

Sometimes, I see my friends' makeup gone totally wrong for a good face reading, I helped to wipe it off and draw it perfectly fine for them as I wanted everyone to go 'Sun Sun Lei Lei' living up their lives with me, 'Yat Fan Fung Sun' sailing our ships in life smoothly and easily to reach our goals daily. Fengshui somewhere, somehow helps to those who don't have good destiny in life, good lucks that comes as the secondary 'Tui Dung Lik'(push up energy) for good elements in life, so Fengshui came as the 3rd place in balancing the Yin Yang and to enhance your life to go more smoothly, successfully or accordingly. Coming 2015, I wish to lead a happy and harmonious life with my loved ones as usual, a healthy lifestyle with no sick, no pain and more wealth of prosperity, nobility and opportunities in life for me. Happy New Year 2015, that's life!

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