Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome 2015, Goodbye 2014!

Happy New Year 2015! I pushed myself real hard staying all night long on new year's eve 31st Dec 2014 to celebrate countdown with Rambo's family at Just K Karaoke. Rambo bought my favourite CB Mocha Ice Blended Coffee at 9pm from the new CB Quill Mall as I told him they managed to brew an excellent fresh coffee for me, perfectly yummy to satisfy this fussy lady. Sis Toto also got so surprised she said that I can still sing, dance and having so much fun with them from 10-1am excitedly. Haha...Yea, I told her I have prepared myself really well that night, meaning to blast a happy party with them, don't wana 'sou hing' them anymore after so many times rejecting them for night parties. We really have so much fun that night, we respect each other's talents by giving everyone's a chance to 'Fatt Fai' - showcasing everyone's talents like the real performers in every music genre. 

My sis Toto is definitely an excellent singer that's for sure, only the sound system in that karaoke 'bo sui jun'(not so good) only. Haha...I told all of them yesterday next time we'll visit a better karaoke as after all, we deserve to make a good choice in choosing the best things in life for ourselves. Yesterday, when we had a good food gathering also, everyone were still talking about our great karaoke party and promised to celebrate new year together every year from now on as we really treasure our strong family bonding more now, more closer than ever esp. after we have devoted some action of compassion for the many unfortunate cases that happened recently. In fact, Da Jie's younger daughter started to call me 'Jiu Mu' yesterday as I believe that night party has binding us together as family+friends. I treat the young ones as friends and never expect them to call me 'Aunt' at all. Haha...I wana stay young with them.  

My sis Toto also kept saying she really very 'Gan En' to God+Amituofo for the safe flight back home to Malaysia from Xian, China when we talked about the Air Asia terror flight mishap. Life is so unpredictable, really a sad year of 2014 from the very beginning year to the very last few days of 2014 also 'Emm Fong Guo' the people to face sadness disaster like this. God is really testing us sometimes, that's why it's very important to practise Buddhism and daily meditation in our lives everyday. All we need to do now is to pray wholeheartedly deep inside our hearts, meditate steadfastly to awaken our body, mind and soul to perfection and stay really strong in life. I'm very grateful and thankful  liao to Amituofo and Guan Yin today when I wakes up in the morning that I'm still alive and lively to walk, eat and meet my CEO friend for a lunch.

Like he said, he's so happy to meet me at least once a year(vice versa), just to keep in touch catching up with each other for our latest updates of our lives or for business ventures meeting. We're happy for each other no matter what changes that happened to cross in our lives. He told me his new wife is super duper jealous when he's having meeting with his friends or his ex-wife, which I told him I knew this kinda incident is gonna happen in his life esp. along a new marriage years. Although I'm his junior Dragon Lady friend, he's my senior Dragon friend but he's willing to listen to me earnestly so I gave him some thoughts on how to be a caring+loving husband and father for his two families, helping him to deal with his family problems. At the very 1st place, he didn't want to divorce his wife but it's his wife who insisted the divorce, regretted it later but it was too late for her when he already remarry. 

He thanked me for spending my precious time having a good lunch with him as he knew we're both busy CEOs having tight schedules with daily appointments investing our money and time worthy for us. In fact, when he asked me to meet him for lunch since 2014, I totally reject to meet him in BSC for our meeting location. To me, I value my relationship with friends if they need to meet me, I would do my best to meet up with them even if I have to pay high parking fees to me is not a burden, but I would not waste my time to drive there to be stuck in jam only. I don't like to waste my time like this, I rather spend it to complete the important tasks of the day. Time is really precious and meaningful for me. Nowadays, I even got invited to many property invitations to Danga Bay VIP Party at JB and overseas' invites for many new property launches but I couldn't slot in any of my time to attend any of it. I used to attend it last time at Mont Kiara/PJ but that time my friend would come to fetch me with his BMW, saving so much of my time so I usually go along to have some fun with them but not now.

After having a monkey giggling session at my friend's story about his new marriage of his new jealous wife, he also laugh out loud as I can't help laughing at it. My natural reaction usually ended up laughing out loud be it during business talk or casual talk. Just like my dear Lynette X'mas story, after she have completed the X'mas Hello Kitty craft with Shan, she gave me one HK Ribbon candy to eat while she's tasting one of it. While I was asking her yummy or not, I accidentally dropped it. She quickly picked it up, blew it clean for me only she gave it back to me. Not only she makes me laugh out loud with her mature reaction, her lovely gestures really melt my heart deeply and she has reached far into touching my soul to great happiness of having a good Charmer like her to love me. Haha...that's what happiness is all about, it's through our daily cultivation in spreading love and joys for our loved ones, that's what we are reaping at the end of the day. That's life, c'est la vie! 

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