Sunday, January 11, 2015

Minamotonoya Cafe Review

Minamotonoya Cafe is located strategically at the heart area of Seri Petaling at C3 , Jalan Radin Anum 1, 
Glass City, Bandar Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. Check them out if you wish to enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch
or dinner at a cozy cafe here.

That afternoon when I arrived, I told Rane Seri Petaling was supposed to be my
'Dei Tau' as I grew up staying here since I was 5 years old till today, but I can't
find the cafe at Glass City."Ketinggalan zaman", I told Rambo when we met later.

A creative DIY menu that instantly got me to request for a drink after 20 minutes
rounding the whole area looking for this cafe. Thirsty esp.on a hot sunny Saturday.

I ordered a Jasmine Green Tea to calm my senses to relaxing mood, back to zen mood before enjoying the food.

I really like this kinda DIY menu as it looks productive and imaginative to me. 

Spaghetti Wafu Shimeji Mushroom RM10.90. Simple dish but appetizing lot served with tomatoes+mushrooms.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio Teriyaki Chicken, RM13.90. It's yummylicious served with Teriyaki chicken and
didn't have any frozen smell at all as they used fresh ingredients that they made by their own here.
Another cute page of simple menu that's inviting for me to order their food. 

They served us Tofu Cheesecake that looked exactly like Tofu you bought from the market. I've told Rambo
to get me the Matcha Cheesecake in future if I'm craving for it. This Wai Sik Queen is drooling for it now! 

Minamotonoya Cafe is sizeable enough of a little cafe suitable for lunch and dinner with cute, simple decors. 

For coffee lovers like me, this is the place I would like to come back with my family,
friends for gathering, lunch or dinner together esp. we're staying nearby anyway.

And because of me, my friends usually would drop by Seri Petaling just to suit the choice of location I liked
for good food, long chats and unstoppable laughters. Even Rambo's office is based here for years already. 
Spaghetti Fried Cheese Pork Chop, RM15.90. I told Rambo the price is reasonably charged where I would
definitely return to this cafe for the Teriyaki Chicken Spaghetti although I seldom take chicken nowadays. 

Last but not least, a picture momento with Rane at this cafe for good memories.
I'll visit again for sure, I told Tommy also in the event when my friends asked me
for a gathering, I'll suggest to meet here since we're all staying around this area.

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