Sunday, January 11, 2015

Age Gracefully And Live Naturally

Anyone of you who have added me through Facebook, kindly pm me informing me if we have met anywhere before etc. as it takes me a week to a month to vet you through before I can confirm you. Sometimes, relatives also I need to ask my family members who's this person, nice bo etc. before confirming them. And over the years from my thorough observation if I see not much interaction between us anymore, no active accounts I will discontinue the friendship once and for all as Facebook was meant to keep each other news alive, sharing good thoughts together and supporting each other through good and bad times but not stalking other people's lives or copy cat other people's creative ideas.  Rambo has even tried to stop me from befriending our old friend who's now a super rich Datuk and always inviting me to join his lavish 'A Club' events. 

There was once he invited me to his book signing party at Kinokuniya KLCC where I have dressed up for the occasion and waiting for him to fetch me there, he was reluctant to do so. I told him he need not confirmed him as friend, or attend any of his events but he only needs to fetch me there. I can go alone without partner anyway, just to give my full support to celebrate his success as he has invited me personally, sincerely for quite some time already. He said this kinda man is not considered a successful man if he dares to leave his wife who have backed his success for so many years since secondary school days. I have another close buddy called Tom also told me his wife actually cried sadly every night begging him to come home where she's willing to forgive his unfaithfulness of their marriage and start anew again.

His new wife even added me through Facebook when she knew Datuk J have pm me over the years. When my best ally Toto who hated her so much calling her 'Wu Lei Jing' all the time knew about this, she said this is her balasan(cause and effect) now where she needs to guard him strictly from now on and checked our pm restrictively every now and then. I told Sis Toto, Datuk J and I 'emm wui guo din'(no love sparks) as all along the years I only treated him like a brother to me, 4 years senior of me. We respect each other as old friends and everytime we bumped into each other, he never stops inviting me to join his business world seriously. Honestly, I always told him I'm not interested at all but he's a charming man who never gave up anything in life so easily. I'm honoured that he admired my potential to join his successful business club with other successful entrepreneurs, but I told him I'm happy with my current situation by maintaining a low profile of a happy go lucky lady only.

When I visit his home during CNY, I only chat with his parents and Rambo's best buddy PA who's there but he's humble enough to welcome me and introduced his new wife to me. He knew Rambo is very upset with him so he never really interact with him because Rambo is one of the most transparent guy I've ever known. He really won't give a damn of who he is esp. he's very loyal to his friendship with PA and PA's sister who's his ex-wife. To Rambo, he didn't think he's successful in any way if he can misplaced his loyalty for a younger, prettier wife. I guess Datuk J has betrayed his loyalty for something fresher and he's definitely at fault. I reasoned with Rambo many times if PA can still remained friends with him, why not him? But I totally understand his sentimental feelings over this broken friendship that they've bonded over the 30 years, from school days to career years together.

Life goes on, people are happy with their lives and you need to strive to live a happy life for yourself too. Never judge, condemn others for the choices that they have decided for their lives as they maybe doing better with their new options and even their own parents cannot do anything to undo it. Doesn't mean they're right but at the end of the day, who are we to correct them when you're not perfect yourself. When Sis Toto shared with me the events that happened during his father funeral, many VIPs came from Datuk J's new wife side she felt so disgusted with her she said many unkind words to her directly and sometimes on FB also, but I gave her a big 'NO' as this kinda rash reaction only showed how unflattering true colours of an evil heart can do such a thing. I know all of them are still supporting the ex-wife's side, but I reminded all of them to control and governed their behaviour as not to 'Ngau Fa' (scratched/tarnished)) their reputation of being a good person deep within them because of other people's mistakes. 

What you did like bullying, condemning and commenting others badly, rudely and wickedly only showed how bad a person you are. It doesn't shows you're better or superior than others, but belittling your reputation in a very low standard level obviously. Be sure to apologise to the person you've hurt, and make a good patch between you two when you can find the chance. Life is precious and short indeed, 'Yan Sang Yau Gei Duo Go 10 Lin?'(In our lifetimes, how many 10 years do we have?). Really not many 10 years we can have, maybe 6 of 10 years you can have if you can live that long to the 60's. After seeing the departure of my friend aged 38 recently, I have make full good use of my days by doing good, planning good events and doing things I love to do like singing, reading and dancing without wasting any of my time. That's life, c'est la vie!

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