Friday, January 9, 2015

CULPEPER, The Herbalist Wellness Pampering

Every week, I make my own fresh-brewed Lemongrass Ginger Tea for total wellness
of my body, mind and soul.Last week, I told Rambo I have nothing to shop anymore,
so 'Guai' of me. Haha...Rambo laugh out loud as he couldn't believe it too. 

I enjoyed Culpeper Honey Ginger Tea for a few years already so I thought let's
get this drink for my 2015 health and wellness indulgence, as I wanted to get
the detox tea for Rambo to slim+trim his body back to before when he's 65kgs. 
My intention was meant to please him and make sure he's healthy throughout the year. And he's also very
sweet by getting the Satin Herbal Eye-Pillow for me as I love pampering myself to sleep blissfully at night.
Rambo kept pushing me to try it and so I did. It cost RM71.20 after discounts, kinda pricey a bit for me but
he insisted to get me this RM99 for two so I finally agreed with it. It smells divinely relaxing, calming to me. 
I also like that the satin fabric is comfy for me, usually I don't like to wear any eye
mask at all as it's too harsh for my eyes touch. Rambo put it in the fridge to cool it
for me, put it on for me before I sleeps with soothing and cooling feeling at night. 

I like the essential oils range from here too but it's kinda expensive for me. Rambo told me it's totally worth it
as long I really like it, use it everyday to promote total wellness for a healthy me, must love myself more. 

Actually, I have tonnes of aromatherapy products at home so I stopped him from buying too many or simply
spending money.I reasoned with him that my 2015 motto is to save money, stay healthy, happy and pretty.
Haha...Wellness promotes good health, once you're healthy eventually you'll be happy and pretty naturally!


  1. Hi, where can I get culpeper in KL?

    1. Hi Umar, you can get it from Metrojaya Midvalley in KL or Parkson Sunway Pyramid PJ!

  2. Culpeper at The Mall & The Mines closed?

    1. No more The Mall in KL now, The Mines not that I'm aware any of it!

  3. Hi.. I just bought culpeper lemongrass aroma. Just wondering if this brand is friendly towards pregnant ladies ?? As my wife is currently pregnant

  4. dear friend, do you have a out let for culpeper for me to pruchase thier products
    viji 012 5080479 cell,i am interested in their ginger products
    viji best wishes