Sunday, January 18, 2015

Q & M Dental Group Malaysia introduces Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) in Malaysia

Q & M Dental Group Malaysia recently organised an introduction to Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) at Dorsett Grand Subang, for the media and trade partners. CAD/CAM utilises minimally invasive techniques through imaging processes such as CNC milling and 3D printing as a substitute for conventional moulded impressions, allowing faster and more accurate fabrication of dental prosthesis, inlays and crowns in addition to streamlining prosthodontic procedures that would have been prohibitively costly for both the patient and dental practitioner prior.

Q & M Dental Group Malaysia will soon be embarking into implementing CAD/CAM infrastructures in all the company’s nine outlets in Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Melaka with plans of horizontal expansion to further entrench the expertise in local clinical and laboratory settings. As a result, the group has also acquired AR Dental Supplies and Aidite Manufacuring. The former is a new subsidiary that boasts three decades of familiarity when it comes to supplying dental materials and equipment while the latter is a recently acquired manufacturer in China that specialises in Zirconia and glass ceramic blocks.

“We will be using AR Dental Supplies as our vehicle to promote the adoption of CAD/CAM,” explains Dr Ng Chin Siau, Group Chief Executive Officer of Q & M Dental Group. “They will also play the role of distributor for dental inventory produced by Aidite Manufacturing. The dynamics of both will eventually consolidated to provide the support we need in order to spur uptake of CAD/CAM by dental practitioners in Malaysia. Through workshops and seminars such as this, we hope to educate both consumers and affiliates on what is possible with an existing new breakthrough. We’ll also work closely with IMU (International Medical University) to hold seminars on the advantages of CAD/CAM.”

CAD/CAM complements earlier technologies used for these purposes by any combination of increasing the speed of design and fabrication whilst easing the insertion process – increasing the convenience and rendering the process feasible and less complicated. Economies of scale also lead to the eventual reduction of unit cost thus benefiting both the patient and dentists.

The Malaysian dental tourism industry in particular will reap the long term benefits of CAD/CAM as a result of restoration and finished dental products that can be produced within days (or even the same day), thus shorting the waiting period and the number of visits an overseas patient has to make to the clinic.

“The reasoning is quite simple,” says Dr Ng Jet Wei, CEO of Q & M Dental Group Malaysia. “With the competitiveness of the Ringgit, a foreign tourist looking to get work done at a reasonable price point will be able to resume his holidaying and finalise his procedure without an extended stay.

Highlights of the afternoon included a panel discussion with Dr Ng Chin Siau, Dr Ng Jet Wei as well as Dr Foo Mooh Thong, Richard Tye and Judith Zwenger, who fielded questions from the media. This was then followed by a sumptuous buffet spread for all those in attendance. For more information, check out

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