Thursday, January 1, 2015

XES Christmas Glam Rock Party 2014

Ho Ho Ho, finally I get to be present that afternoon celebrating X'mas with XES Premium brand at Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur after having a year been absence from Sabrina's invitations. Thanks for being understanding in my position as every time Sabrina invited me to their events, I've been fully-booked for many events from am to pm already. 

Haha...sometimes having 3 to 5 events in a day where I can only attend those events that I have RSVP on a 1st come 1st serve basis, more fair to every parties including family and friends' invitations. As usual, I would surely asked the two pretty young Santarinas along to take pictures with me, adding more glamour fun into this Christmas look with me. 

~I'm dreaming of a White Christmas~ XES has definitely brighten up my X'mas festive mood with this cute X'mas treats of goodies like candies, white cupcakes and marshmallows to fulfilling me with cheerful joys and laughters. This time I finally made it to XES party by giving myself a day off to celebrate X'mas with them.

XES 2015 Slogan of Valuable, Durable and Remarkable Style for their affordable footwear and accessories since 2002 has successfully reaching all corners within the Peninsular Malaysia. Founded under Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd, XES has more than 80 outlets branched out across shopping and retail complexes including AEON, Giants, tesco, AEON Big and other various celebrated malls as well. 

There are collections of ladies', mens' and children's shoes that widely appeals to the masses for its style, comfort and value for money factors, which the concept caters specially for casual, semi-casual, formal and sporty. The PISCES star which cost RM149.90, RM10 higher than the other zodiac range at RM139.90, totally worth it if you really have fallen in love with it.  

XES also carries selected distinguished shoe brands such as Scholl, Barbie, Ben 10, Cavando, Bum Equipment, Scorpion and Neckermann. I chose this exquisite, lovely GEMINI, under the zodiac signature high heel shoes for my X'mas gift from XES this time. I wana look princess-stylish as Cinderella for my coming New Year 2015 celebration. Haha...stay tuned for more pictures on my Instagram at JacyntaCSY!

XES aspires to become the household name in trendy family shoe store and to be marketed as the top specialty shoe retail brand that develops more comfortable shoes for all walks of life. I kinda like this CANCER zodiac design too but I chose GEMINI at last because it shines and shimmering like a star, calling me real strongly to finally chose that pair for myself this X'mas.

The glam gorgeous Sabrina welcoming all of us the media and bloggers who really made the great efforts supporting her and XES brand that afternoon to celebrate this joyful event together. They had Rock & Roll Christmas theme this time, all dressed up in Christmas glam rock festive decorations everywhere. 

The rocky, celebrity-looking Amer who's the A & P assistant to Sabrina conducted a demonstration in front of us on 'How to embellish your sandals' with a pair of lady sandal, from the varieties of embellishments prepared for all of us. 

I always love to add shimmer and sparkles like this for my clothings, so I chose this pair of sandal and started my hands on this DIY (Do It Yourself) activity. This kinda art and craft session is challenging for me as I was not born to have skilful hands in drawing or creating designs for crafts like this. I'm only doing my best and hope it turned out well by learning from the experts for sure.

I don't like to wear flat, boring old flip flops at all, so I've turned my sandal to look super duper fun and fabulous with leopard pink-print at the sides, shimmer and sparkle of diamond stones in the middle and a gold stud to add more glam for this pair of sandal. Haha...satisfied job for myself in the end and I was kinda relieved after I've completed this task at last.  

A full 3 hours manicure and pedicure pampering session sponsored by 'Ladies World' for all of us the ladies, ensuring we looked really pretty at the end of the day. It was a long queue that's for sure as everyone really wana look as magnificent as ever for X'mas celebration in 2014. You can call 016-2203214, they're based in Cheras if you need any good manicurist like her.

My beautician who did a marvellous job of X'mas festive season look for my nails. I actually took 5 different X'mas stickers from each design for my hands. Fantastic feeling of all time after she finished putting it nicely on my 10 nails. Haha...both of us took many pictures to commemorate our special manicure design. Love it so much!

Last but not least, I wish to thank Sabrina and XES team for making us beautiful and wonderful this 2014 X'mas Glam Rock party. I'm wearing the XES Green Shimmer High Heels to pair with my Green Glam Dress that I bought from Bangkok, hoping to add more glamour for XES glam party.

And I'm glad I came to spend lovely moments with XES brand of a trendy family shoe store that's developing successfully all over Malaysia. Obviously, my happy feet are smiling gleefully and I'm giggling joyfully with a new pair of XES Cinderella shoes added in my shoes collection. get upclose with XES brand, check out


  1. love ya nails.. manicure ! :D

    1. Haha...Thanks, your nails red bling bling also nice!