Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Candle Pit Stop Event

Candle Pit Stop only uses their very own Waxbitz  that’s totally eco-friendly.
Check it out at http://www.candlepitstop.com/

A picture momento with all the bloggers who have attended the event that day.

You can choose from the 10 base colours or scents and mixed them up to your liking
till you've created the perfect scent and colour to suit your mood, event or theme.

I chose Orange+Vintage Rose as this combination divine scent
has captivated my heart and soul instantly after I mixed and 

shaking it together.

It’s made from 100% vegetable wax, making it burn well and safe with no chemical
releasing soot.
Price range stated from RM12.50 to RM49.50 for 100 to 500 gram.

I passionately called my creative scent name as "Hawaiian Passion"...Haha! 

Create your own, grab a packet or two colours of scents that you fall in love with!

The colourful scents that will obviously blown you away with its natural smell you've chosen. 

You can also create it in this way if you like it simple and nice.

Tangy Orange, Tango Mango, Vintage Rose scent to choose from.

Perfect for any occasions, any place and at any time. All you need is some heat 
proof lovely container, classy glass added with romantic, cute or funny creativity.

Opening from 10am - 10pm, Monday to Sunday, it is located at Lot G27, GF, IPC 
Shopping Centre, Selangor. You can call 017-262 6697 for further enquiries about it.
My refreshing orange+pink scent smells perfectly relaxing for me and I called it the
'Hawaiian Passion'.Haha...passionately invigorating my overall senses to perfection
all at once when I lit it up during spa pampering session or at night before I sleeps. 

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