Sunday, February 17, 2013


I just arrived at one of the most beautiful and famous resort of Venetian Macau, I quickly rushed for my shopping trip liao after leaving my luggage at the reception. While looking for the best food in town, I saw this mesmerizing mermaid on duty so I quickly took a great shot with her. Haha…she's only there at certain time and I quickly grab the chance as many tourists surrounding her for photos too. 

One of the wonderful decors at Venetian Macau I must keep a memory shot in between my shopping trip at Victoria's Secret. The lightings came in blue colour and some video ads playing at the both sides of this round cubicle. It's very nice actually when the lights shine out blue rays from time to time.

The 1st Thai dinner I had in this restaurant in Venetian Macau already cost me RM150. If it's in Malaysia, I can have a plate of big fish, a plate of Seafood salad, big Teppanyaki Beef Steak(I seldom take beef now) and a big pot of Tomyam Kung, maybe cost me about RM100+ at my favourite fine Thai restaurant in Pavilion.

Everything here is expensive as I tried their new menu at McDonalds cost me about RM30+ and I only order one set to try. I have never bought any McD set that cost so much. Haha...1st time ever and I didn't even enjoy it at all as the taste is too bland for me compared to the Malaysian taste. I always love it to be 'Kao Kao, Lung Lung' with spices taste added in our Malaysian cooking. Macau taste is too light for me. 

My dear Charmers have just arrived and we cuddle 'manja' together. I rather sleep early, being a nanny to my dear Lynette(make her midnight milk) and chat with them than staying late at the casino. Time and age can really tied me up from the temptation of gambling in this gamble world of Macau. Haha...believe it till I have proven it and it's worth my time to be with them. 

The captivating night view from our Venetian Suite that we’re harbouring during our Macau holiday. Our suite was elegant with marble bath tub, 2 phones that my dear Charmers wanted me to come over their adjoining room beside to see that and a nice living room for rest and relaxation. Very cozy like our home sweet home.

Macau also spelled as Macao is one of the two special administrative regions of the China, the other being is Hong Kong. The territory's economy is heavily dependent on gambling and tourism mainly. 

We're coming as a happy family, touring Macau together from early am to late pm. So tiring with all the walking, climbing up the hills and stairs like 'orang tua'(old people). Haha...we're all too pampered back in Malaysia as we can drive around with our cars but they can really walk so fast, run and stand like the young athletes. 

Macau lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta across HongKong to the east, bordered by GuangDong province to the north and facing South China Sea to the east and south.

This Macau Buffet Lunch cost about RM150, so expensive yet so so standard for me as I can have better lunch at hotels in Malaysia or Thailand Sizzler that won't cost me that much too. But we all have great times together enjoying food, chatting and laughing so much that afternoon.

They really need to be thankful to the mainland Chinese from China as most of the gambling business comes mainly from them. Everywhere I go from casino to shopping areas, I see the Chinese and they're the ones who contribute so much to the Macau tourism. And they usually use cash not just credit cards and cash is more welcome than any other forms of payment everywhere we go.

A former Portugese colony, Macau was administered by Portugal from the mid-16th century until 1999, being the last remaining European colony in China. Taking this Cotai Ferry Macau is not cheap too but that's the convenient way to transport us across to Hong Kong.

We need to walk so far away from the Macau station to this ferry that was waiting for us at the jetty. And all of us esp.the ladies grumbled so much because back in KL, we're all so lazy to walk even just across the street or next 2 shops also we tend to ask our drivers(husbands)to send us just right in front of the shop itself.   

Coming to Macau, one of the main attractions is to watch the casino show. Each casino have their own remarkable show at certain time of the day to attract us to visit the casino. 

Like this Wynn Casino is located at the heart city of Macau, it's a popular spot where most tourists would stop by here for their shows from inside the casino to 'The Wynn Water Fountain' show that takes about 15 minutes.   

Ooh, we enjoyed the show a lot and took the chance for more pictures here esp.the 2 limousines they parked in front of the resort remained as one of their attraction here. It spells of luxury of course as I have seen many of my friends who came here took the picture as well. 

Well, you can't miss it and you won't let go the chance to take a picture or two with their long, luxury limousines. The casino resorts in Macau are always in the competing  spirit to boost for luxury, elegance and superiority for the rich and famous clients. 

In fact, Macau is really the land of insanity and intensity of a gambling paradise for the gamblers around the world. They have many kinda games, Jackpots and chances to strike it rich if you're lucky enough. Who can resist the temptation when you're here esp.for a gambler like me. Haha...I brought enough money to try my lucks.

But I was too caught up in my shopping spree and I wana visit every shops at the Venetian Macau so I didn't have much time to play any of it. Blessings in disguise as I've  saved the money for more shopping in Hong Kong. And I had a great time in HK as I got to eat my favourite Nyonya Laksa from Malaysia after a blast shopping at H&M HK. 

Pity my dear Charmers because they can only play this car racing game if they reach to the certain height measurement so no choice they gotta wait outside for us. This racing game is not easy to play as the steering was kinda hard, not like my usual power steering that can move easily. 

Haha...I love car racing but this game is not for me. I don't have the strength and flexibility to turn/move the curves in speedy turns. Men can play this game easily, they have the strength to turn it even if they don't have the racing skills to race.

The famous Koi Kei Bakery is not only famous in its biscuits and been featured in one of the TVB series, it’s also very advanced now with games I’m having fun playing with like the picture above. They invited me to try out the food and play the games around the back area where they displayed some games and decorations from the past.

I asked my mom and sis to try out the food while I’m having some fun playing the games. Haha…this mooncake I made from the virtual ingredients they taught me step-by step how to make it from the basic steps. I tried other games and satisfied with the baking skills they shown to us. Very informative with great recipes to try out at your own kitchen too.

Venetian Macau have many swimming pools around the open area at the top floor. This is one of the adult Jacuzzi pool that I chose to rest and relax after a tiring day touring around Macau. The other swimming pools can be small, medium and big size of pools all around the other corners. 

Choose any pool you like but you only be allowed to swim here if you're staying in this resort hotel and they're quite strict in security. It's a good sign actually because the pools are well-maintained, clean water and safe for the residents who stay here for holidays. 

We’re enjoying the freshly-baked Portuguese tarts that are not just flaming hot but also super delicious as well. One of the best I've taken among all the best of the rest. It's about RM4 per piece and you tend to hunger for more once you've tried it. I'm drooling liao while I'm writing this blog now. Haha...super yummy esp. when it's 'Yit Lat Lat'(very hot).

The night view here is fantastic. Every casino resort tend to light up their buildings in a grand lightings like they’re having opening ceremony that day. Opposite the Venetian Macau is the Cotai, Conrad area full of newly refurbished hotels even the Hard Rock cafĂ© is nearby this area.  

The last night we're staying here, the young ones like my sisters, Rambo and I took the chance to visit all the resorts here. While the old and little kids like my Charmers all return to hotel for early sleep.'s a big area here,we're all feeling very tired the next day. That's why I always said, "Better travel now or it's gonna be a never travel in the later years because the energy level or stamina can go totally flat very easily."