Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Japan - Kyoto(Part 2)

Kiyomizu dera is an ancient temple that was built in 798, but the present buildings are reconstructions dating from 1633. The main hall has a huge veranda that is supported by the pillars that just perched over the huge hillside.

This Buddhist temple is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto and UNESCO World Heritage. There is not a single nail used in the entire structure and the name came from the meaning of the waterfall Kiyomizu which means clear or pure water.

The waterfall Otowa-no-taki, where we actually need to queue a long line full of visitors for the precious sacred waters. It is believed to bestow health and longevity. And it's also advisable that we drink a little from all this 3 channels for our wishes granting power to be fulfilled. 

The crystal clear water was clean and kinda cold although its' so hot during summer season and it actually taste refreshingly good too. It's naturally fresh and pure from the high mountain water that flows through this 3 channels and collected at the pond below.

After a long walk climbing up the high hills and rounding the whole area of Kiyomizu Temple(such a huge place), we came down to the shopping street for cold drinks to cool us down. This sweet Japanese girl offered us free-flow of Cold Green Tea complimentary, thanks to Buddha so much.

Ooh La La...not only the Green Tea was a blessing good taste, it's also cooling my throat so much better. She offered me a 2nd cup since I enjoyed it so much and 1st time ever, I accepted it. Haha...it's really nice, blended by their authentic Japanese Green Tea. The best of the best!

As I'm very grateful for her generosity, I told Rambo to get some cold desserts to cool us down more. He chose the famous 'Green Tea Ice-Cream' that all of us ordered and we really enjoyed it so much. It's really the talk of the town, where almost everyone actually ordered this signature ice-cream besides the fresh green tea. And so we took a picture for a good memory to reminisce in years to come.

Shopping along Togenzaka,Sanenzaka and Ninenzaka souvenirs street, we're really spoilt for choices on everything about Japanese handbags, art and crafts, clothings and gift items of Japan. There were too many things I wana buy but I only bought a sophisticated Japanese handbag that I can pair with any clothing from my warehouse wardrobe.

It's not cheap here and I'm not really in the bargaining mood so I kept my shopping passion aside for later in the evening at shopping malls. I have no regrets of not buying much, at least I bought something Japanese here and I still enjoy window shopping just by look-see what's new on Japanese kawaii crafts here.

Just last Sunday, a friend was trying to share with us on her Japan tour but she forgot the name of this place called Kyoto. Haha...she only remembers Tokyo but not Kyoto and Osaka as the names are quite difficult for her. And so I reminded her about Kyoto, she kept asking me, "Very nice right Kyoto". "Yea, definitely", I replied her. 

I reached to this shop for something I love to eat, namely the Japanese pickles. They have vegetables, fruits or mixed type of pickles. I tried everything as she kept offering me all that. Haha...I never wana be greedy but it was too yummy that got me so hooked with it. I wanted to buy it but Rambo was afraid it's not fresh anymore after a few days more so I let go my favourite pickles with a heavy heart.

Kyoto is a city in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan. It has a population of 1.5 million people. Formerly the imperial capital of Japan, it is now the capital of Kyoto Prefecture as a major part of the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area. I'm waiting for our Shinkansen, the Bullet Train to Osaka which cost 1500 Yen. 

It was fast but seem ghostly(quiet) atmosphere as only our tour group members(14 pax) and two Japanese in biz coats inside this speedy train. The ride only took about 15 minutes to reach Osaka from Kyoto. Japan is really 'Ichiban' in punctuality, not a minute late and we actually reached on time. Bravo and the driver was waiting for us outside at the station.  

There are about 3000 temples all around Japan and Kyoto is one of the city with the many temples we have visited so far. I felt very blessed to be able to visit and pray at all the famous temples that have been preserved and recognized by the world. I only wished to be healthy always, the rest like prosperity, opportunity and nobility will come eventually once my wish of total health is fulfilled by 'Amituofo' and Buddha. 

I love Kyoto for its rich cultural tradition and I love the way they pay their utmost respect to the Buddhism belief. They actually maintained the Buddhist temples and shrines in a very good condition. I love touring all around Japan and only have good things to share about Japan. And I dont' mind to travel to Japan again for the good food, temple offerings and great shopping spree beside the pampering hot spring Onsen spa. Haha...will blog about it real soon, be patient ya!

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