Monday, February 18, 2013

Hanoi, Vietnam

Clad in my Vietnamese suits, I'm on a cruise trip all around Halong Bay.

Halong Bay is located in the the northeast of Vietnam,165 km from the capital of Hanoi. Covering an area of 43,400 ha and including over 1600 islands and islets, most of which are uninhabitated and unaffected by humans.

We took the fresh seafood lunch from this boat on our way back from Halong Bay to Hanoi. To me, it was quite fun and the fresh seafood from prawn to cockles eating in usual traditional way where we opened it using a fork to cook it with hot water, and cuttlefish were fresh, delicious but some of them had diarrhea after that lunch.

One of the most beautiful view in Hanoi, watching sunrise early in the morning at front of the 4 star resort.

Dressed up in my favourite Green colour Vietnamese suit, I was mistaken as a  Vietnamese lady by the Thai tour group that caught me into taking photos with all of them at the resort where I was staying in Hanoi. I hesitated at 1st because I don’t like my picture to be taken with strangers.

But the Thai ladies kept talking with Rambo in Thai+Hokkien and hoping to join me in posing for pictures around this beautiful views of Hanoi on early morning, watching the sunrise scenery. Rambo is always very friendly with people esp.the Thai, he asked me for a favor and so I did with an open heart.

I enjoy the captivating views all along this natural landscapes cave. 

Halong Bay is comprised of a multitude of limestone islands and islets rising from the sea, in a variety of sizes and shapes, presenting a lovely picturesque with unspoiled nature. Lucky I brought along this hat with me when I'm touring inside this cave, many aunties told me the stories on the poisonous poo-poo of the living bats that can harm us in every way.

Halong Bay is a spectacular seascape sculpted by nature preserved under UNESCO World Heritage Site. Well, for a few hours enjoying the scenery by cruise is really enough for me as not everyone like Rambo for instance, he cannot really sit too long on the boat. 'Terumbang-ambing'(wobbling) can caused anyone to vomit or uncomfortable during the cruise so it's better you take a pill before the cruise ride.

Listen attentively with my tour group on Vietnam History, that's how I learn the history of a country I visited.

This Ba Dinh Square is a famous square in Hanoi where the President Ho Chi Minh read the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Vietnam. Many tourists queue up here to see something that would surprise you with eyes wide open.

I believe nobody knows about this infos unless you have visited this place yourself. And since now I’m sharing this with you, you know it now and can plan a holiday if you really like to witness it yourself.

One of the souvenir place selling expensive souvenirs in USD but I like it coz semuanya cute and nice.

No cameras and advance technology are allowed to bring inside this cold place, where all of us need to keep silent while walking in and going through the exit rounding in a circle pattern. At the centre of this secured place was the President who had passed away many years already, sleeping in a cold, frozen glass cubicle that’s been maintained by the Chinese technology. You can see him very clearly when you’re going through the circle, going out to the exit. 

I enjoyed watching the Puppet Show and convinced my friend to join this show(she's so glad she did)

The water puppet show is a must-watch show when we visit Hanoi, Vietnam because that’s how we can enjoy the Vietnamese folk song and Vietnamese cultural show. It’s a waist-deep pool full of water where the puppets appear to be dancing and moving around the pool. I kinda enjoy this unique, ancient puppet show that keeps the Asian tradition alive for many years.

Day 1 Dinner at super famous restaurant, I was hooked with their authentic Vietnamese food liao. 

Actually, I don’t really enjoy Vietnam trip because I don’t like the Vietnamese people, the men and women inclusive(no manners, lack of civic consciousness). Many other reasons also like the salespeople who approached us selling those postcards were not honest they ran away the USD and too many poor kids begging around, I felt so sad to see the overall environment. Not a happy travel place for me and I'm no longer interested to travel there anymore.

Everytime Rambo’s friend who went to Ho Chi Minh for a furniture business(open a factory) asked Rambo to bring me along to HCM for a holiday, I’m not so keen even  they arranged everything for us from A-Z. They knew I loved enjoying good food and really knew how to enjoy the good food with premium wines to complement it.  I told them I don’t like Vietnam, and when my family or friends who love travelling asked us to join them to Vietnam, I totally reject Vietnam.

Last day lunch at famous restaurant, trying out their local musical instruments(almost like the Chinese).  

But lucky I joined this Vietnam tour group by this agency(I forgot the name liao) because all the arrangements from resorts to fine dining at Hanoi from Day 1 to the last day I was having lunch there, all the Vietnamese food I enjoyed till maximum. And while we enjoyed the good food, they never forget to impress us with their local music performances.

The restaurants were all very famous in Hanoi serving only authentic Vietnamese specialty food from the main course to their signature salads, Vietnamese rice and desserts. Really yummy until today, I still remember all the great taste, good times I was there. That’s my only enjoyment in Vietnam. Haha…that’s the truth I can express about Vietnam!    

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