Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Centre

I was kinda busy visiting my family and friends during Chinese New Year while shopping around for Valentine’s special, I'm really not in the mood for blogging for a few days so I’m sharing this Panda video to keep you company. Hope you enjoy it as I actually have combined a few video clips into one video, from the adult pandas 'gardenland' to the precious little baby pandas garden in Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Centre, Sichuan province. 

I witnessed their cute moments with my very own eyes, just in front of me in the most intimate moments with them. Haha…so much fun and even the old-timers enjoyed their escapade here with the pandas. They actually enjoy watching the real pandas and acting like kids too as they got so excited about it.

Can’t blame them for being so excited like the kids as imagine if you are there, I’m sure you would react the same way too.Haha…after all, we’re all human. Just being ourselves and get excited over something cute is the way to express our utmost feelings deep inside. It's the inner happiness we felt at that very happy moment.

This video was taken when I was younger a few years back in my early 30's. And when I was enjoying watching them Rambo called out to me all of a sudden, “You’re on video candid camera, action 123”.  As I was not prepared, I simple ‘Bla Bla Bla’ and this is the video I can produce for Chengdu Pambassador 2012. Haha…to think of it, it was kinda funny and fun at the same time!  

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