Thursday, February 14, 2013

Joey Yap Feng Shui and Astrology Seminar 2013

Thanks to my mom who got 3 of us joined together on a Sunday morning till 5.30pm  for Joey Yap Feng Shui and Astrology Seminar 2013. Besides knowing that I’m a die hard fan of Joey Yap since he started it in Malaysia(I always support Malaysians 1st), she also wanted to improve her fortune in 2013 as one of her colleague is also learning Bazi from Joey Yap. He came for the English and Cantonese sessions but thank God, my mom enrolled us for the Cantonese class as it's easier to learn from Chinese language

I always wanted to attend it but the dates usually clash with my travelling schedule. And last 2 years I even met Joey Yap at Berjaya Times Square Hotel where I just came out from the lift, I called out to him “Hi Joey Yap”. I wanted to tell him that I wish to attend the seminar too that day but time clash and I was in a hurry so no chance. But finally I got to attend it with my family and it's so much better, everything has been arranged by my mom(a good organiser like an Energizer).   

I told my mom already, learning Feng Shui from the Cantonese or Mandarin language is better although we usually communicate in English but the right understanding of FengShui comes from all the Chinese meanings. And it was great with Chui Ling+Joey Yap's presence that day  makes Feng Shui seminar in a more ‘Gao Siew Hei Fen’(fun environment) as Joey Yap kept asking Chui Ling to translate the Cantonese meanings from his English explanation. And 4 of us including Eileen(who's not in the picture) enjoy the seminar with lots of laughter and learning experience that day.

Chui Ling even said to Joey, “Wah, U really Hao(test) me all the time.” Haha…It’s true, I laughed a lot that day seeing them both so compatible working together, help to enlighten the seminar in a more interesting Feng Shui session. One day is really not enough to learn so much from them but I’m not able to join the Bazi learning this year as I have all the important agendas lined up for me already so maybe next time. In fact, many blogging events I missed out too but I'm fine with it as I can't attend everything in my 24 hours a day. Life should come in a balance of everything. 

During lunch time, we all mingled around for books hunting, chat and games like this Slimming Sanctuary, where I need to spin the lucky animal I was born from the 12 animals zodiac. Yea I know, seeing this kinda game I knew it’s hard to spin that and I never put much hope into winning this game. But the manager recognized me and asked me to give it a try since we’re(my sister Defney and I) there. And so, I just spin it for fun but deep inside of me, I told myself I can do it no matter how hard it is although I'm not desperate for the prize.

During lunch I just shared with 6 of them, “The laws of attraction is very powerful provided you are positive enough to achieve what you want. If you think you are rich, you’ll be rich. If you think you are great, you are great then.” And all of them totally agreed with me as we’re sharing topic relating to Feng Shui together. "It’s all in our mind, who you want to be, what you wana achieve." And I got lucky with the Dragon spin after that kinda motivation I put myself into. Haha…the SS staff was so happy for me, so I asked my sister to go for the game and win it. I collected my prize of ‘RM288 Bo Jin Facial/Body Treatment’ from SS and return to the convention hall asap. 

My mom bought all the related books of our FengShui connection in a package deal from the Astrology learning that day. She’s not into reading, in fact among all my sisters only me who loves reading and so the burden falls on me. Instead of reading magazines this year, I gotta finish reading these books by this year. The other two are my Buddhism books that I'm reading this year in 2013. 

To read all this takes a lot of time as we need to practice it at the same time. If not, what is it for? Usually, I just put on my favourite 'Peter Soo Shifu Fung Shui' from HongKong and listen to his Cantonese teachings while I’m replying my mails etc. Save my time and I got to learn so much from him. He's also into Buddhism so it makes it easier to learn my favourite subject from him directly. 

I wish to share the things that I've learned from Joey Yap's seminar that day but too many infos that I need to explain with the special dates Joey Yap gave cost RM3000 (he mentioned that). Haha...I think I just leave it this way, if you wana know more can always pm me through FB but my advise is, work hard and smart, play harder and live happily the hardest way you want it to be. 

After all, I believe destiny lies in my own hands. I need lots of lucks and Feng Shui to enhance my life to be better and yes, it did help me to have smoother journey ahead if I practise it well with wits and wisdom. Next year 2014, I will join again if my mom's group is going again. Ta da for now... 


  1. My mom bought all the related books of our FengShui connection in a package deal from the Astrology learning that day. feng shui

    1. That's great. I hope you learn much from it and can apply to your daily life.FengShui is fun!

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