Thursday, February 7, 2013

China Sichuan Opera 'Bian Lian' Face-Changing Performance

Chengdu is the home of Sichuan opera which features melodic singing and refined acting besides all the great, huge shopping malls here that tempted me to shop till I drop. It is one of the most unique skill that famously shown everywhere in Sichuan province. The master can change his mask to many different colours and faces in just a second , the moment he turned his head around.

'Bian Lian' is an ancient Chinese dramatic art, part of the Sichuan opera. I still have no clue how the master can do that so quickly even after watching that show for so many times, be it in Malaysia or Chengdu. He even came nearby to my row of seats, I was too amazed to watch the show in front of me, yet I still can’t figure it out before my eyes. It's too fast, I always wana find out the secret behind this skill. 

Haha…one of the amazing show I gotta pay extra hundreds of RMB dollars as the Chinese is very good in promoting their optional tour in every China package tour. But coming to China, we really need to enjoy every show performance that they offered to us as their performances were really the greatest show I have ever seen. Not only the stage was huge with magical decors, dramatic attires and weird tools the dancers used to perform with, but it's totally worth the overall amusement of the performance that can stunned you for hours all along the show. 

Just look at the amazing Beijing Olympic Games 2008 opening and closing show, the officer from UK also mentioned that the China did a marvellous job on that and they hope to keep on par with the Chinese too. They are always moving ahead of us now and gonna be the leader in economy coming the year of 2016 as predicted by the economy experts. 

While all of us are trying to adapt to our slow current economy, they're trying to move forward and strive for the best. Even the Hongkies need to depend on the Chinese for better economy flow. 'Fung Shui Lun Lau Juen', if you watch the latest TVB drama series, you'll laugh seeing how 'Kwok Jun Onn' the local Hongkie tour guide trying to 'mengampu'(ingratiate) the Chinese tourists from China. 

I like this series, not only it makes me laugh till mad but it actually featured the real life story of the Chinese world today. They're the kings and queens of great spenders everywhere, from Paris full of branded handbags by the pretty ladies to New York businessmen, the billboard ads are covered by the Chinese monopoly world.

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