Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SAMPAR Skin Quenching Mist Review

RM76 (100ml), RM126 (200ml)

Listen to your instincts and let Skin Quenching Mist wrap your skin in well-being, comfort and freshness. Its light texture locks in make-up and shields against outside irritants. This is the SAMPAR PARIS mission to accomplish when they created this mystical mist for women. 

My review:
The results that I'm getting each day would be soothing and moisturised skin throughout the day. In fact, I love spraying it whenever I feels like refreshing my face after my spa session or before my face mask. My skin is soft, smooth and  supple to touch. It’s suitable for all skin types especially suitable for sensitive skin. The smell is refreshing and only 3-4 sprays of mist can cover the whole face and neck to keep it moisturised.

Once, my skin feels kinda tight as I was trying out a new Korean face scrub that's drying my skin but after spraying this mist, my skin plump up back to normal skin. No more dryness and tightness feel on my skin. It gives an immediate result, just spray it on the face when your skin feel dehydrated. And it's easy to use with just a spray or two on the face anytime of the day.

Spray the Mist all over the face in the morning or evening after cleansing. I spray it like a toner function to keep it moisturised under the serum and moisturiser. SAMPAR also have a hint of advise whereby they recommended us to spray on the cotton pad, try it as a compress for the eyelids too, make it as a great eyemask too.

Cornflower, lime-blossom and orange blossom waters tone the skin.
Lesser centaury extract soothes the skin and relieves pressure in the eye area.
Essential oil of geranium works synergistically with the Urban Advance Complex to optimally purify the skin and eliminate toxins with absolute precision.

Urban Advance Complex, a powerful alliance of 3 active ingredients (shea butter serum, mint endorphin and probiotic sugar) acts as an anti-oxidant shield, neutralizing any cutaneous imbalances linked to pollution, strengthens the skin's natural defenses and shocks the skin back to life on a cellular level.

To get to know more about Sampar Paris, you can visit their counters at Robinsons Gardens or Parkson Sunway Pyramid. And check out their website at or their Facebook page at 

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