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Early cold Winter morning, we depart to Schaffhausen to admire the mighty Rhine Falls waterfall. We’re all shivering in Winter cold as Germany was snowing every night but we still need to get down from our comfortable VIP coach for toilet break and touring around this area.Haha…I quickly grabbed a hot coffee after my toilet break. 

Although it cost me EUD 3.50 but the coffee smells aromatic, fresh from the coffee machine and it tasted yummy so it’s worth my money. I like the Germans because they can speak good English and they actually listen to my needs carefully. Just like in this case, I asked for more hot milk she added much enough for me yet she still asked if I would like to add some more she can add it for me.  

No wonder the Germans can be so successful and moving so advanced in many fields of technology, manufacturing and other food industries. I remember one of my Chinese friend from China who has worked in BMW Germany as an engineer, he's a very meticulous and careful person. I used to salute the way he's living his discipline life. 

While having my hot coffee to keep my body warm, I walked around to the end of the building to enjoy the clean and green nature. I saw a swan from afar and I got so excited about it, I kept waving to the swan to come nearer to me. And it did swam over to me but I didn't bring any food with me. Such a waste, pity the swan but I took many pictures with the beautiful swan. Then I bid it goodbye, I walked back to the waterfall for more nice pictures there.

After having enough rest and finished my hot coffee, I was walking slowly back to our warm coach for the next tour destination. I heard the Sarawakian group, 6 middle-aged women said that this waterfall beauty cannot fight with Jiuzhaigou waterfall. Haha...of course you cannot compare China scenery with any other countries' sceneries anymore as many tour agencies already informed me that if I wana see beautiful scenery, I gotta choose China package tour liao(means already in Hokkien).

In fact of all the beautiful places in the world, you cannot compare 'Jiuzhaigou' the so-called 'Fairyland' with any other countries anymore. Just like Rambo said, he always wanted to go New Zealand for its snow-capped mountain beauty and visit the filming sites of 'The Lord Of The Rings' places and so we did. I still admired the natural beauty of NZ but to Rambo, no more surprises for him anymore because he already been to the most beautiful place on earth that is Jiuzhaigou. I will blog about it soon, bear with me.   

Reach to the clean and serene nature of Black Forest, immediately I sat on this fluffy cold snow for a picture. I felt so excited and happy to witness the surrounding snow town that's so peaceful here. In fact, all of them do. They took pictures non-stop and never moved away even been called hurry by the tour guide. Haha...can't blame them really, it's melting our hearts wholeheartedly when we're here.

Germany proudly preserved Black Forest is to enjoy this pristine scenery by the shore of Lake Titisee. It's such a breathtaking view here with hundreds of lively ducks swimming around this cold lake. Part of the lake was full of snowy ice while the front part here the cold water still not frozen yet. I remember my German friend used to tell me that Germany is a very cold place because it never failed to snow every winter season and with an average of -5dc to say the least...Haha!

Coming to Germany, we would sure visit the clock factory and learned how the original cuckoo clocks been made. It was kinda fun as the German Clock Master showed us many types of cuckoo clocks functions, the special of cuckoo clocks and how he made it before our open eyes. 

It was an awe-inspiring experience for many of us because the clocks were very nice and special indeed. You see him whistle to the cuckoo clock, he's actually calling out the birds from the cuckoo clock and the birds came out chirping back to him. So cute and pricey too.

The reason why I like to buy my jewellery and accessories here in Germany was very obvious with the shopping bags. I always like the way the Germans operate things and from the way they worked out their tax refund in the most simplest form, is the best example of it. Straight away they calculated the nett price after the 12% tax refund and with our passports, they filled up everything for us and through their machine payment we only passed our credit cards for payment. And it's done. That's why I prefer to shop in Germany.

Unlike other EU countries, we need to fill up form and queue up again(malls) and again(airport) for all the unnecessary time and forms at airports esp. Italy. France at least you can see the cash refund back to us at the airport but Italy, too much time spent on the queues and filling up forms. In Lancel Paris, they filled up everything for me and I only collect my cash back from the airport so it's fuss-free for me.

I love the overall environment here in Black Forest. Not only they actually portrayed the old-style of people living here with this horse ride carriage(pity the horses so I didn't ride it although I wanted to), but the whole atmosphere here was kinda cool and relaxing. I bought some hot coffee and tour the whole place by walking slowly with my dear Rambo. We enjoyed every moment here, honeymoon time for Winter Holiday. 

Haha...that's how we ended up here where nobody was around this area because it's too cold out here. When the wind blows cooling air up here at this lovely resort, we're shivering like snowmen that's for sure. The views were captivating and capturing our true emotion of gratefulness to be here. 

We felt so lucky and happy to be here to enjoy this wonderful place at Titisee. When my sis Defney asked me about Germany, this was the beautiful place I mentioned to her as it's really lovely with the heavy snow last night that transformed this place into serene snow town of Black Forest, Germany.

I wished I can spend one night here when I saw the open spa Jacuzzi just nearby this resort. Haha...I wana dip myself inside that cool pool, I'm sure it's fun. Maybe some other time I may plan this kinda tour of my own. I went back for more souvenir shopping after many pictures here. The shop vendors here are very 'Sing Muk' (brilliant) as they knew I bought the souvenirs for my family and friends, they asked me if I need it to be packed separately in a nice paper bag for each item. 

I totally agreed they do that for me because it's not cheap. In fact, everything in Germany cost much more expensive than Italy or France, be it the  fresh-brewed coffee, souvenirs and services but it's worth to pay them more as they made our life much more easier. Haha...they're worth to be respect highly like how they respect us freely.

I had a great shopping spree here at Rhein Galerie Mall and I'm so glad I made it before they close the mall. When I reached to my hotel nearby, I left everything and zoom out from the hotel room for all the shopping grabs I can blast here. The view here was fantastic as it's just next to a river and the building shines bright lights with reflections on the river water. Fascinating ever!

I bought the Valentine Chocolates with a love-shaped box, very nice and yummy. Although it's expensive but totally worth the price I paid. I even bought the Disney lipgloss set for my dear Charmers from my favourite beauty shop called Douglas(in blue logo), a luggage bag(pink) and other new masks the promoter swear how good the masks can be. The Germans are actually very generous kinda people because they gave me many beauty samples like the small bottle of latest Clinique Repair Laser Serum and other samples without me asking for it.

We reached to Cologne to view the towering spire of impressive Gothic Cathedral. There was this con man who impersonating a Trojan man standing at the centre of the church.He kept asking tourists to take a photo with him and forced them to pay him EUD2 from everyone even it's a group photo. 'Bo moral' kinda person that I left the scene, began to start my tour and stop at this bread shop. I bought the pretzels and it was kinda hard for me. I still prefer the Aunty Anne's pretzels back in KL.

After much shopping around Cologne, I went for a toilet break at the hotel next door and chance upon this nice shop selling cologne. The fragrance smells so refreshing and relaxing, immediately I took a bottle but then I saw the set with bath shower gel+body lotion+cologne. It's nicely wrapped in a Green box+their signature ribbons and looked perfectly presentable. I chose the set since it's a limited edition set.

KIKO Cosmetics Milano actually originated from Italy, but everywhere in Europe you can see it at the malls and corner shops like this big shop. I love shopping at KIKO as they have full range of beauty products from skincare(Whitening, Anti-Aging etc.), cosmetics, body care and many types of masks that really did wonders to my skin in just one-time mask application. I've used so many brands of masks from around the world and KIKO is one of my favourite brand I must say.

I fully recommended their signature masks(can view it from my FB Germany Album), not only it gave good result but it actually gave you the lifting result from the 3D Lifting Mask(tube type) you expect it to be. This is the only lifting mask I can see very obvious and the skin of being lifted up can be felt too. At the age of 37, my skin begins to sag so it's important to search for this kinda good product to keep my skin firm up. And the price is reasonable if you can get it through sale time but if no sale promo, the price can be high for many at about EUD25-35x 4.1 in RM100+.

Overall, I enjoy travelling in Germany as the place is rich in its old history but they still maintained it in good maintenance(the castle in Schaffhausen I didn't share), great shopping spree, good food galore+coffee and lovely things to explore all around Germany. It maybe expensive and can be high cost of living here but I enjoyed the overall ambience. 

The hotel staffs were courteous enough to lead me the way to their luxury restrooms although it's not their culture to welcome us for free toilet. And I like their way of managing their services, public relations and advanced facilities for all. Way to go Germany, I love Germany and would love to travel there again soon!

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