Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Spring in 2013!

My Spring spirit in KL, Malaysia 2013.

No driver so I'm kinda lazy to drive out, afraid of the jam also after Cho 5 and ate too much of CNY snacks till lazy to go for all the CNY open house, VIP 1st Korean Beauty clinic opening invitation and blogging events this month. Haha...lao liao (old already), less stamina. Gotta start exercise to recharge my Energizer battery, then refreshing back my body, mind and soul to a new me this coming age 37. I have already started to eat healthily with more veges+fruits this month and I felt lighter, not much toxins stored in my body.  

Will start exercising by next week as for now, I'm too busy preparing for the MIFF March Fair this month. Hope to bring more business for the local Malaysians provided that the 'Penang Lang' are really 'Jang Hei'. I told Rambo to ban those who's not pro in delivering the containers promptly, a womanizer or those gamblers. I know everything because Rambo is a very informative kinda person and 'kepoh' also...Haha. It's just that I never like to reveal other people secrets only as I believe everyone's secret should be safe with me. 

Rambo and I are totally the opposite attracts kinda couple in terms of hobbies, characters and mentality
thinking but we're definitely the dynamic partners in business, family goals and Buddhism cultivators. 

But everyone knows me well family and friends that I’m kinda strict when it comes to my work as I’m the kinda person who gave you the full chance of opportunities, I expect you to deliver the good results. And I don’t wana collect your ‘Suzhou Si’(the famous Cantonese definition of bad consequences) after the delivery of products. My mom and Rambo knew me too well yet my mom always hope to join my company/team as she knew the plans I had  set for the company vision and mission.And because of the good records of good results, people always came to us for long term business, we never have to look for it because the result speaks by itself.

From time to time, people looked for us and share with us many business opportunities. This is a very small world and it's indeed very small. I only wana live my life freely and happily among my circle of friends as I believe in good fate and Karma. It happens and in fact, I witness it myself sometime those devils who step on others actually ‘terkena’ herself esp. the hypocrites. If they can bitch about others in front of you, they can do that in front of others. They usually ended up in hot water. This story is based on my friend's experience, I seldom attend those business entertainment as I never greed on all the free things. 

Karma is powerful and can be forceful  in 'What goes around, comes around' principle!

Rambo always invited me for all the free dinner at hotels, wine/liquors by business associates etc. but I always asked him to go alone because I'm not interested to attend it. But once he's back after he discussed it with me the decision will falls on me. I made the final decision of whether to take it/joining the business or not. I usually stay home at night watching TVB series, Fringe, Nikita and reading my Buddhism books to cultivate my spiritual development. I felt peaceful and blissful at home. I only attend their dinners when I'm on business trips with them. And they always asked us to come more often but I told them, "Na, Rambo only comes once in a blue moon only because I don't encourage that".

Back to the hot water issue above, I always told my friends who got sad on their predicaments, “Don’t get influenced by others too easily, fall prey to their sucking lives. Mix with the people who can go ‘setaraf’(on par) with your success, support and uplift you in many ways, can be happy for you and most importantly, they’re good people who are successful too. You will become who you are in a group of people you mixed with. If you mix with losers, you become losers. If you mix with kind people eventually you become kind naturally. So, live your life to the fullest in doing your best everyday by helping yourself and others but not hurting others. Karma will take its place when the time is due, just live life free and happy!


  1. Nice sharing & u look gorgeous in the dress!

    1. Haha...Thank you Shirley. You stay awesome too!

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    3. Shirley, I already email to you and post a comment on your blog at 6.30 pm!