Monday, February 25, 2013

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Silver Palace at the centre city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The palace where the Cambodian King is living and attend to this temple(where I'm standing) every 8th day for
Buddhist pray.This temple kept many Buddha replicas and antiques since 14th century.No camera was allowed.  

One of the main attraction at Silver Palace with a special fragrant flower tree that smells so reviving!

My 1st buffet lunch at the famous restaurant, started with an appetising local 'kuih-muih' from Cambodia.

Everything here look yummy and I took the chance to try everything here. And it's delicious, thank God.

One of the many local Cambodian food that I wana 'jiak' asap but Rambo got the chance to snap this picture of me.
Haha...I can't blog about food as I'm that kinda person who only wana eat.A 'Wai Sik Queen' who just enjoy eating,
trying and cooking new food in town. No regrets so far in Cambodia as the food brought something new and
extraordinary, only available in Cambodia.Never been seen/tried anywhere else. 

This huge, nice clock was a gift from China for the good relationship they had over the years. The king
was even living in China for Chinese therapy and had just passed away recently due to old age.

Shopping at the Russian Market for Cambodian souvenirs. Nothing much here, I only got to shop for the silk bag
and rushed to other tour destination. 1st time ever I did that as I never really fancy their stuffs.
This is where I learnt about the Khmer Rouge War and its horrific history. Such cruel and brutal stories I ever heard.

The majestic Naga World Casino that's full of tourists from China, Vietnam and Thailand.   

Thought of trying my luck here but was kinda sleepy so I stop by here for a cup of ice and
hot coffee. After enjoying the coffee, I tried out the Chinese food in this casino.
the end, after much food satisfaction I decided to return hotel for relaxation. No gamble,
another reason was because the croupiers seem laid-back, lazy and not welcoming!


  1. Nice shots, Jacinta! Enjoying life, huh?

    1. Thanks Shirley, I'm sure you enjoy your life too!