Monday, April 1, 2013

AVON ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser A-F33 Review

I love the AVON AF33 silver packaging, classy and easy to use.

I have finished using Avon AF33 last February before I start on other skincare brands for review during the CNY 2013. The result was good as the 1st week I used the whole pump of serum on my face and neck but on the 2nd week itself, I only dabbed it on my forehead, laughing lines and my very stubborn neck wrinkles as I can see the obvious improvement already.

Actually the wrinkles and lines on neck would showed how much we’re aging so no matter what I applied, be it the Crème de La Mer, Guerlain Orchidee worth RM1188 my neck lines still stayed. We just cannot escaped the reality of aging, no matter what treatment we did. It’s the so-called nature, skin will sag due to the loss of collagen as we age.

The rich serum that smells more like the chemical-typed of serum.

But like I always told my friend who asked my opinion should she signed up a RM8000 package for the anti-aging treatment, I told her honestly we should age gracefully and living happily. If you think it’s worth your money then you go for it but 1st thing is to invest in good skincare that is suited for your skin needs. Facial spa comes secondary, 

As for me, I only signed up facial treatment for once or twice a month pampering only. I used to sign up many packages like Kanebo, Cres Wellness and still visit other new spa in town and went almost every week. The treatment can last for the week but I still need to apply good skincare and taking collagen drinks to keep my skin healthy everyday.

I prefer to dab it on the wrinkles, laughing lines and specially use it for my neck care.

So when Wendy asked me about the review, I told her good but still have lines on my neck as the stubborn lines just won’t leave me alone. Haha…what do I expect in my late 30’s coming to 40’s, so I can accept the truth and result anyway. The stubborn wrinkles still there but it did lighten the lines to fine lines. Other lines on my face can easily get rid of.

One of my blogger friend Evelyn updated in our ‘Beauties Queens Wazzapp Group’ that she just bought 2 bottles of Avon AF33 as I can understand why she bought it. It actually brings good result. Like I told Wendy, the price is reasonable with good result of lighten lines on neck, laughing lines and forehead can be invisible in one week, it’s worth to try.

The result of my late 30's skin using Avon AF33, still have lines on my neck but I can still accept the natural truth.

Moreover, she can always use my Avon member card if she needs better promotions. But  she told me she already joined Avon the last time we talked about Avon lipstick. I gave her one as I have all the 8 lipsticks given to me by Avon. I believe she’s suited more with that colour and I saw her using makeup all the time so it's put to good use rather than I keep it.

To get to know more about Avon A-F33, you can contact your AVON representative or visit the nearest AVON beauty boutique to fade away your deep wrinkles. You can also call Avon’s Toll Free Line at 1- 800- 22- AVON (2866) or visit 


  1. I love this product. The next time you see me...check out my neck:P the lines are quite faint. Though I wish it works better on my laugh lines...or am I laughing too much? Hehehe

    1. Haha...I like it too.Really?That's great, I hope to have the same result on my neck real soon. Keep on laughing dear, that means you're happy from within!