Thursday, January 9, 2014

NEUZELL Juvenescence Serum/Mask/Exfoliation

Thanks NEUZELL and HiShop for the 1st prize anti-age serum, I like using the Beauty
Best Sellers by EH, Nu you and Female magazines. When I saw their Facebook page
featured this Made In Switzerland Serum/Masque/Exfoliant with 8 great benefits, I
told myself I wana try it soon. It's a surprising win for me and I'm thankful for it!

HiShop sent it to me by courier, so convenient for me. I felt grateful for the
RM398 skin renewal treatment to pamper myself that night after a hot bath.
Its miraculous active ingredients thoroughly oxygenate every cell, increase
the production of collagen and relieve congested pores, stated by the brand.

The texture is crystal clear gel that's not watery but compact with active ingredients
that gently exfoliates and deeply revitalizes skin to restore clarity and smoothness.
Clinically and Dermatologically tested and proven to be effective as well.
My skin is instantly brighten up with deep moisture skin for sure, in just one time application. For more
infos, you can check out Neuzelle Suisse at or HiShop at

Although I can't enjoy nice scent from this serum because it's paraben-free, no artificial fragrances and colours,
but the marvellous result kinda charmed me for days. I've tried using it as mask, exfoliant and night serum use as I
wana see what's the effect like and it turned to be out just the same, hydrated and smooth skin like new born skin.
If you can afford it and like to try it, you can check it out at the above links given. Happy New Year 2014!

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