Thursday, December 4, 2014

Naturals by Watsons Blood Orange Bodycare Review

Thanks to Abii for her efforts in getting the whole set of Naturals bodycare range
for me to try last October month. I never would have thought that I've naturally
fell in love with this lovely Blood Orange set the minute I start using it that night.
I still remember my last trip to Europe, Rambo gave me the Blood Orange that tasted sweet+sour plus juicy too,
and he thought it's a grapefruit but I reassured him it's definitely an orange which I enjoyed it very much. This
Blood Orange Body Scrub not only smells so refreshingly good, it also managed to scrub my body to smooth
skin and brighten up my overall body to fairy white skin.It's available exclusively by Watsons at RM19.90 only.

You can read the benefits of Naturals by Watsons from the last launch at;

The free-paraben shower gel also smells revitalizing enough to stimulate the fresh
blood orange scent that revivifying me to enjoy my bath longer for an hour..Haha!

Finally, I enveloped wrapping myself that night with this rich body lotion as the
finale of the whole bodycare range for my pampering-plan trip to Penang...Haha!
Feels really relaxing with it, I sleeps real early, comfortably like a baby all at once.

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