Tuesday, December 30, 2014

~True Love Story~

My dear Charmers have special nicknames nowadays and so I called myself Greeny as in my Green favourite colour to join having some fun with them. Lynette named herself the Pinky as she loves pink colour, Ying Shan called herself the Gracely as in Gracefully and LeAnne calling herself the Rocky as in Rock n Roll. Haha...we all laugh out loud till rolling on the floor during our 4 BFFs chat that night after dinner. Lynette 7 years old even said that she really hope to call me Greeny instead of Dai Yiyi as she loves the name. I went down to the living room after rushing them all to take a clean bath after our long chat in the room. Ying Shan sat next to me, whispering to me so Lynette asked what are we talking about? I told her Gracely has just shared about her idol with me. Then she asked me, "What is idol?" 

And I need to translate it to mandarin for her Idol means 'Ou Xiang', where she replied me "Oh, I see." Haha...the way she speaks and acts till today, she makes me laugh so much esp.with her 'Lou Jik'(mature) character that's so cute and funny at the same time. I really hope the time need not pass by so quickly, clock would start clicking more slowly as I really missed those days I used to cuddle them like babies. Spending time with them makes everything seem so worthy of my precious time and valuable to me. They still feed me Frozen Jelly/Ice Cream when they're enjoying it just like the way I used to feed them gently and lovingly when they were kids. Even having lunch with my sis Defney at Midvalley nowadays, all we talked about is my dear Charmers' stories as they're our precious gems now.

I stopped my sis from taking Cilipadi because she told me that she's been suffering stomach pain since last year 2013. I always reminding her that she doesn't only need to live good for herself solely, but now she have to be responsible, obligated to take good care of her two pretty daughters with her hubby. Life is too short by just ignoring the importance of taking good care of our health, we cannot act irresponsible anymore by enjoying the food having cilipadi in every bite to enhance the tastiness of the food due to aging process. In my recent trip to Bangkok also, I told Rambo comes to Thailand sure must enjoy Tomyam and I did, but I just can't take more than 2 or 3 bowls of it like I used to enjoy before.

I must admit that I've aged as time goes by, and I cannot believe that this coming 2015, I'm gonna be 39 years old which is the last year in my 30's going to 40's. Haha...time really flies man, seems like yesterday only when I've just reached  30 years old, I have made a strong decision to start my own career path as a business woman. And today, I'm living up the life that I always dreamed of and getting what I wanted all my life. I'm very blessed, I'm grateful and thankful to God for sure. It's not easy to achieve our dreams sometimes, but with patience and perseverance over the years, everything is possible to happen if you dare to strive hard and smart for it.

Buddhism sutra has stated very clearly the basic karma of cause and effect. 'Yau Yan Jau Yau Guo', Yan Guo that simply means the cause and effect of the chains of reaction that will take its place. What you did good, you'll get good reaction for sure, what you did bad, you'll get bad effect/return for sure. Haha...the God will not suddenly rain some money to you if you don't buy lottery, even if you buy it not necessary you will strike it at all. Sometimes, it's even a worse scenario for instance like Rambo's story, he didn't buy it but the number he used to buy for fun suddenly struck out that makes him so mad because like he said, God is like playing a fool with him. Haha...that's why he always said God didn't love him as much as God loves me. 

I know he's only joking as he felt really sour about it so he likes to create some fun about it. He always mentioned that since God doesn't loves him that much, then he needs to pour in more effort and work in tarring the road ahead of him properly to gain prosperity and more opportunity. He's not that kinda man who only sits there doing nothing, but always striving to thrive for good things to happen in our lives. In ZEN, Central World Shopping Mall after a great shopping spree from am to pm that Saturday, my shopping bills alone have reached to a certain high spending limit where they invited us to their Platinum Lounge delightfully. While enjoying my coffee+tea, Rambo said to me "It's great to be rich and it's all worth it to see you happy!"

Haha...I laugh out loud, I'm very happy to hear him said that because this is the life I always aimed for. It's been years already I have waited this lovely moment to happen in my life, I have stand behind his back all this while hoping he will made it one day just like today. And he really did it eventually, and I'm very proud of him as in humble pride that's for sure. I have total faith in him when he 1st started his career travelling around the world like there is no tomorrow for him. I knew he works hard like a Bull and with his admirable character who's strong+great attitude kinda man, I knew very well he'll be able to give me a good life I always longing for. He always said that his secret of success is to 'Teng Lou Po Wa', listen to your wife all the time only you can 'Fatt Datt'(rich). 

Haha...Yea, I never allow him to do any risky business like the China open factory business with his business partner that cost CW his 2 million dollars gone down the drain this year just like the leaking water pipe. I always tried reminding everyone this esp. the women, "Lam Yan Mou Yap Cho Hong, Lui Yan Mou Ka Cho Long' where the Chinese in China have practise this philosophy of life since many thousand years ago, the men should never enter the wrong career path and the woman should never marry the wrong man in her life. And most of the women would agreed with me, it's as simple as that. Women no matter how strong we can be, at the end of the day we need a good man to love us unconditionally, lovingly only. 

To be able to achieve that, you also need to love him for who he is, standing 100% supportive behind his back and gave him a chance to 'Fatt Fai' - soar and fly high up in the sky like the prideful eagle. Nothing comes easily and freely away, everything comes with a price. I'm not talking about doing any favours or helping others who are in desperate needs along the way, sharing good news or things on blog for free etc. but I'm talking about the secret of success here. Everytime my dear LeAnne said how she wish to grow up having the same life just like me, who's able to travel and buy whatever things I loved I told her to study hard+smart and married a good guy who will loves her very much. And she replied, "Yea, like Rambo Uncle who loves you so much." Haha...I replied her, "Yea, both Rambo and your daddy also." 

I shared with her a story about my sister who's her mom, she almost broke off her relationship with LeAnne's beloved daddy 13 years ago. I stopped her from doing that and I actually went to her office in Regent Hotel back then twice, really into a serious discussion with her to keep this relationship going stronger than ever as the most important thing in life for woman is to be able to marry a man who really loves you to death, not the one who's rich and selfish. And she did, they finally got married and have two lovely girls to complete the happy family. Nothing is more valuable than to have a good hubby to really love you to death, no matter how much million dollars you have in the bank couldn't compare much with this fact of life. 

Just like my sister's friend love story, she's happily married to a rich man who 'main kayu tiga' (betrayed her with another woman), she got so heartbroken and furious that she threaten to bring the case to court if he don't pay her half of the 50 million assets he owned just to pay him back a revenge, although he's willing to pay her 5 million just to divorce her completely. She had gave birth to a boy and a girl to complete their happy family, but in the end what she had to endure now is a sad, ending story of her supposedly happy family. I really don't know what you guys want in life anymore after the women have sacrificed so much for you. Ask yourself man, where's your 'Leong Sem' have gone, stolen by the dogs? 

I always scold this kinda people 'Mong Yan Fu Yi'(ungrateful souls who forgot somebody's good deeds), as you tend to forget a good person's sacrifices to you. The good fortunes of you will lose out very quickly, in a glance as time goes by. Many politicians like to say their own people 'Melayu mudah lupa' in their meeting to win/gain popularity, but in actual of fact it's not the malays who easily forget but it's the manusia, the humankind who tend to forget how others have treated them good before esp.when they got rich or hidup senang(easy life) a bit. Most likely this kinda men will not succeed much in life either, sooner or later only. I will blog more on this issue soon so stay tuned for it, C'est la vie!

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