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AK AVENUE Food Adventure 2014

Time really flies like an arrow that hits the bull's eyes, seems like it's just yesterday in 2013 I 1st gave my full support in their charity drive last X'mas at Avenue K Mall. Then in this year of 2014, I did attend their opening launch and fashion show invitations, shared on my blog too. Last October 2014 I was so busy with real tight schedules of mine and a long holiday to China, I only managed to ask Rambo to give me 10 minutes in supporting the Kechara Charity that's running their charity drive at the mall for limited time only on my way to a Pink Party nearby.   

So when both Ashley and Avenue K Mall invited me for this AK Food Adventure project, I told them to send me the rules and regulations of this food adventure to me 1st before I decides to go for it or not. After studying it with flexible time given to me to complete the 10 cafes and restaurants out from the 17 in total, I then replied Gina and Ashley I would do my best to make it as Saturday was supposed to be a day fully-booked for my dear Charmers(3 girls) day. Haha...I'm glad I made it that busy Saturday as I've managed to postpone my beauty event to next Saturday for this event to happen in my life that fateful Saturday. 

My 1st stop is to get my coffee addiction to be fully fulfilled 1st with daily coffee consumption and to get my brain fully-functioning as well. I was fully-satisfied when they served me a cup of fresh-brewed coffee with unlimited milk to add more 'umph' for my coffee indulgence. And I like that they actually served me my favourite deluxe-sized Tuna Croissant that is sizeable enough to fully-filled the petite size of me, plus their signature fruit tarts of a Peach Tart selection for me, a Pink Macaroon in a box and 2 pieces of X'mas festive cakes from Delifrance. Perfect combination I would say, I tasted it bit by bit just to test on the cakes offered to me as I'm not a sweet-teeth-tongue kinda girl.      

I grew up enjoying Delifrance famous pastries and delicacies since my teenage years, even in my working days in Citibank during my 20's it's one of my favourite hang out place with my colleagues for lunch and tea breaks. I love to dine in comfortable cafe like Delifrance, Starhill. 18 years ago, this place was huge and happening for me and my gang sharing good food here together after we've completed our monthly top team target that's hard+smart work together. At the end of the day, we feel motivated to reward ourselves with good food galore and we always brain-stormed each other to do better each month and stayed on top of the game as the top team during our gathering here. 

Great memories will linger forever. Delifrance also provide customised catering for parties, reunion or events with a wide range of premium party platters and delicious feast delivered right to your doorstep. You can call 03-78425718, Hotline 012-2239806 or email to

The 2nd stop of AK Food Adventure, I decided to give it a try at Tokyo Pastry that's located strategically at 1st Floor on the left wings of Avenue K Mall, just after you took the escalator up one floor from the lobby. I always wanted to try the food here but I never get the time to even take a sip of cold drink from here all this while. 

They offered me one drink which I chose the Raspberry Smoothies cost RM10 and a piece of cake so I chose the Hokkaido Four that cost RM13. If they offered me more, I would love to order the Prawn Spaghetti for sure as I prefer to have a proper meal instead of just desserts or cakes selection for me to try only. 

This 'Wai Sik Queen' of me was born to eat and try on new food every now and then. Haha...the Hokkaido Four consists of Mocha, Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, nicely put in a box where I can bring it anywhere I want to and finish it at anytime I want to.

They're also selling Matcha Green+other trypes of breads at one corner, freshly baked cheese cake that I've tried and liked as well at the entrance of this cafe. They're also serving Tokyo Hi-Tea at RM39 from 2-6pm in an elegant ambience inside of this cafe and restaurant. 

After enjoying the mouth-watering Raspberry Smoothies with the yummy cakes I chose from Tokyo Pastry, I decided to take some time to plan my next food stop to complete the 10 AK Food Adventure here since I really enjoyed the overall romantic ambience around this cafe. time goes by, the clock is ticking fast so I need to rush over to my 3rd stop at Johnny Rockets on the right wing ground floor of Avenue K Mall. You won't miss this place as it's at the corner of this building mall with colourful lights brand signage. I have visited this place on their opening at Avenue K Mall and such a coincidence, when I arrived here they're performing one of the lovely oldies from their American iconic jukebox. Johnny Rockets have chosen their signature Burger selection for us with a glass of Vanilla Milkshake. I usually ordered Chocolate or Strawberry Milkshake, so I asked if they can change for me but they replied me with a big No disappointment.

'Dah lah' cannot choose my favourite Hotdog set, even my favourite drinks also cannot choose to fulfill my satisfaction of having a good meal here. A big sigh for them that's for sure, as I believed if you want me to give you a good review of the food at your restaurant, you should be more flexible in setting the rules when you joined this project and be more generous for us to select the food that we wanted to try. But the Beef Burger didn't disappoint me at all as it tasted as good as a real burger I've ever taken in my whole life, including the many from Europe side. 

And when the sun is still burning real hot in the afternoon, I rushed over to Ah Cheng Laksa to try out their signature set meals that cost RM9.90 per set only. They're very nice and polite when they knew we're coming for this project, they explained humbly to me from A to Z that got me very quick to choose their signature Assam Laksa that's for sure. 

I just want to try out what's so special about their Laksa compared with other Laksa that I've tried and enjoyed over the years. Ah Cheng Laksa never disappoints this fussy, choosy Laksa eater of me as I loved the spicy Assam Laksa so much I wished I can have another bowl of it. Haha...but I did tell Rambo that the Laksa noodle is too thick, they should choose the thinner type that's going to cost more money. 

Rambo actually conveyed the important message to them when they kept asking me if the Laksa is delicious or not? I gave them the thumbs up and really enjoying the Laksa till the last drop of soup to it, only the noodle wise needs to be change that's all. They accept my comment humbly and openly about it, and I'm glad I stopped here for the Laksa as it gave me not just full stomach full of food, but a fulfilled satisfaction of having a good, new Assam Laksa trial food from here. 

My 5th stop of a good food galore of AK Food Adventure was a Japanese selection, the Tsukemen & Izakaya at 3rd floor of this mall. The 3 young ladies dressed in Yukata standing at the entrance welcoming me to try their Japanese restaurant with their usual polite Japanese calling. I went in and was greeted by their supervisor who welcome me into choosing any food selection that I liked and drinks I wished to try. So generous of them, that's what I called a good restaurant that gave you plenty of choices to choose from. 

I'm not a greedy person when it comes to food enjoyment, so I asked him "What is nice here?" and the supervisor explained professionally to me it's their signature Tsukemen noodle that we can choose from the 5 kinds of sauces that they're offering here. But for today's special catered for the media group like me, they actually offered all of the 5 kinds of Sesame, Tomato, Curry, Miso and Soy Sauces for us to comment fairly about their food here.

For a fussy diner of Jacinta's Japanese food selection over the years with my Japanese friends, I never really fancy dining in Malaysia for Japanese food although our bills can total up to hundreds or thousand of dollars. Usually very disappointing for me in terms of tastiness and freshness of Japanese food, so I seldom dine in Japanese restaurant from Malaysia. And since I've never tried this chewy Tsukemen noodle that need to be dipped into the sauce 1st before we poured in the soup for drinking after finishing the noodle, I gave it a try then. 

I told the supervisor I don't take pork so the Japanese Chef actually prepared both Pork and Pork-free plate full of noodles and vegetables for me to take pictures so that the readers know this is the real picture of what they're serving to you. I think it's fine for me as most of my family and friends enjoyed pork except me so I decided to share this real servings for everyone to see. I return the pork one to them as I know they're generous to serve me both and asked me to enjoy it all, but I know I cannot finished the food and I don't like to waste on food so they took it back to the kitchen.

As I took the 1st bite of it Rambo asked if the Tsukemen noodle tasted good or not? I gave him a brighten up eyes look with a big thumb up that he quickly took his turn to try on it. "My fussy, choosy lao po(wife) said it tasted good means it's really delicious already" he said. And after tasting it, he totally agreed with me that it tasted really yummylicious esp. I taught him to 'Banjir'- flooding the springy noodles full of sauce to make it taste better and tastier. I especially fancy the curry and sesame sauces, adding more veges+eggs with it that tasted really 'Ichiban' for me, the only description I can uttered to him while enjoying the satisfying Japanese meal when Rambo told me "Oishii desu neh".  

My stomach was so full with real good food already I began to inform Rambo that I need to sit quietly just to relax a bit before I can continue on with the rest of the food journey that day. Lastly, I ordered a Red Bean Milk Smoothie to cool my heaty body, rest and relaxed at this typical Japanese-decorated restaurant. I encouraged Rambo to bring his Japanese friends and buyers here in the event they asked for a good Japanese dining here in Malaysia. "Give them the chance to grow their business here since they really provide a good service with generous serving of something different here", I told Rambo where he replied "Yea, in future!"

Time is passing by real fast but I still have another 5 more food stops to complete so I went into this Ayers Rock Butcher and Grill that located just infront of me. I tried out their so-called specialty menu that's no other than their signature grilled beef. I take it as my 6th pit stop and rest for battery-charging energy near the corner side area. 

After Rambo chant a Buddhism mantra for me, I then took my 1st bite of the fresh Australian Beef that's juicy, yummy and a real deal of beef that's grilled to perfection for me. I've 'Fan Fu'(requested) the waiter to grill it Medium Well for me perfectly and he really delivered the right beef grilled to perfection for me to enjoy to the max.

Haha...I never thought he really got my message loud and clear, really listening to my fussy,choosy requests just right on the dot, as when it comes to steak eating I'm very particular about that. After enjoying the steak lunch here, I've also enjoyed a cup of nice Ice Lemon Tea that tasted very sour but I liked it very much I actually finished drinking it. 

My 7th food stop at Wonder Mama never disappoint me at all, I got deeply fulfilled with good food and good customer service by their professional staffs. Not only they welcome us delightfully to their inviting restaurant, they actually explained the rules to us with their courteous manners and I like that for sure.

By looking at the menu only, I wished I could order everything from the menu as technically I'm a Malaysian Wai Sik Queen who's always on the look out to try out new, trendy food or restaurants in town from South Johor to North Penang, but realistically I can only order one set from here. 

Finally, I decided to choose the 'Japanese meets the Chinese' specialty of 'Miso Soup Shiong Tong Clam' that cost RM16.90. Not only the serving was generous enough with many big, fresh clams inside this bowl, the soup tasted real delicious and up to my choosy standard of dining the Asian flavour here. One of the best 'Shiong Tong Lala' dish I've ever tried and I definitely will return to Wonder Mama for this special soupy dish.

Wonder Mama also kinda surprised me again with its signature Mango Assam Boi Smoothies that's trendy, extraordinary from the other smoothies I've tried over the years. It tasted just right, perfectly salivating and melting wonderfully into my taste buds effortlessly. Two big thumbs up for them and I definitely will visit for this perfect concoction when I'm coming to dine here again with my family or friends. 

In the event if you're coming around KL, do drop by this Avenue K Mall to watch the entertaining performance starting at 4pm onwards, you can bring along your kids besides doing your shopping or dining here.

At 4pm sharp, we the media members were invited to watch Avenue K Mall X'mas performance that has started running now till X'mas time. And I always loved their X'mas decorations with colourful, wonderful lightings and a crisp of X'mas atmosphere feel here.  

I'm always busy with many invitations on Saturdays, so I didn't have much time to visit all the participating cafes and restaurants. If I can come early at 11am, I would like to visit all of the 17 centres involved but I'm glad I have completed the 10 yummy rendezvous by the end of the day full of unstoppable eating, laughters and happiness.

My 8th stop food centre is this Warisan, full with plenty choices of real, authentic malay food. I chose their signature Nasi Lemak set that's shown on this picture. The Chinese used to say 'Emm Hai Long Tak Hui Ming' that simply means it's a serious business, don't play play. Yea, although I may not like their failure of providing a good customer service esp. by their Indon staff who 'tak faham bahasa' on a simple request but their food is authentically yummy, that's for sure.

I grew up taking Nasi Lemak since I was 5 years old, till today I'm still taking it everyday for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Nasi Lemak is still my No.1 choice of meal in my daily meals intake. This Nasi Lemak is really 'Lou Ji Hou'(old great master for many generations) kinda good malay food, no wonder they dared to call their shop the 'Warisan' the name that is suited best for their food as well.  

Sushi Box was my 9th food stop that's located just in front of this Warisan cafe. The name of the shop when you hear about it you'll know that it's mainly focused on promoting their healthy sushi varieties that cost around RM5-15. It's Halal too, so the Muslim need not worry on that when they really need to grab some quick sushi during the rush hour. 

So I opt for the soft shells crab Sushi to try, I liked that it's fresh with soya sauce provided without any extra charges, and it's quick too. Haha...I was kinda surprised the food didn't disappoint me at all, usually I would complained and comment a lot on packed sushi one. Keep up the good standard! 

Last but not least, the Noodle Shack was my last and final food stop that I wanted to try earlier on. But I was too full so I thought I just gave my stomach a good rest before I stop here. This menu kinda reminded me of my school days with typical exercise book for homework need to be done by that day itself. 

I chose the Hot and Spicy Mian Fen Guo that's full with veges and as usual I've informed them 'No Pork' for me. They told me no pork is served but they served chicken which I didn't want it either in my noodle. Everything here looks nice and delicious, but I can only finish one bowl at this moment.

I liked their restaurant concept of 'Yummy Meatless Selection' with lowering the meat intake for a better health. I chose the Osmanthus Flower Tea to wash off the fats and toxins after visiting 10 food stops with no stop for my total food enjoyment here. Not only the tea managed to detox my full stomach of 'Perut Buncit' after taking 2 pots of it, it also kinda relaxing my overall senses to perfection after the 3rd last pot of this floral tea.

The soup was so sweet, spicy and delicious, served with the perfectly-homemade noodle that's satisfying my appetite so much I actually finished the whole bowl of it. Haha...really yummy that I promised I'll visit this shop again in future when I'm craving for Mian Fen Guo again.

The promotional booths available at the lobby of the ground floor in Avenue K Mall, they're selling all kinda of gifts, arts and crafts you maybe interested to check it out during X'mas season. Avenue K Mall not only regaled me with a great X'mas amusement full of good food this time, but kinda engaging me into falling in love with X'mas all over again in this December festive month. 

As the finale closing of my blog here, I wish to thank Avenue K Mall for inviting me this time to experience their events and luckily, I enjoyed the whole journey sharing it on my blog for them. And I liked the fact that they actually support me back by liking my Instagram pictures, gave a like on my blog that means so much to me as I believe we should support each other in this professional manner for many years to come. Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year 2015, stay jolly and merry everyone!

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