Tuesday, December 2, 2014

O'slee Rosehip Peeling Gel Review

Haha...I used to be young and enthusiastic enough to do peeling, removing
blackheads for my dull skin in my 20's but now, I'm a lazy lady who only opt
for the most simplest skincare product in town. This Oslee Peeling Gel is one
of the best Peeling Gel I can ever find in my beauty history for many years liao.
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Not only this true blue gel managed to remove blackheads, dead skin cells caused
by daily dirts and impurities and clean deep cleansing my skin to flawless skin, but
it also manage to refine open pores and smoothen my skin to baby soft skin. It only
takes me about 5 minutes to achieve deep clean, smooth and radiant skin for a whole
week to have lovely, fuss-free skin, so it's totally worthy of my precious time there. 

This fuss-free, easy to use peeling Gel cost only RM49.90 for healthy, pretty
skin that can last me about 3 months, saved me from having pain during my
monthly facial extraction. My beauty therapist always said to me that she
need not extract much black/whiteheads for me, thank God for that or I'll be
screaming in pain silently. I only wana feel relaxed, enjoying my spa facial to
total calmness during the pampering facial and not dread for any pain at all.


  1. nice to know this tube can last for three months. :D

    1. Yea, definitely can and it's effective enough to keep my skin smoothly clean too!